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The Military History major has been designed to encompass a variety of professional aspirations and interests. This major ensures that students will learn about the "big picture" through exposure to five historical perspectives, while allowing them to tailor the major to their individual interests during the junior and senior years. This is a degree for those who seek understanding of the military art and science as well as a general education in the liberal arts. The degree is quite different from history degrees at other universities because it is focused on the forces of human conflict, and how those forces have shaped, and continue to shape, civilization. Students receive a foundation in: (1) the philosophy, strategy, and tactics of conflict; (2) generalship, leadership, and management of warfare, and of people; (3) great historical battles and their influences on society; (4) the influence of technology on warfare, and on society; and (5) the history of related issues such as diplomacy, foreign affairs, international law, war and society, and future war.

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Great Experience
July 30, 2015
I finished a BA in American history in 2012 and I am now three courses short of finishing my MA in American history. I have found American Military University to be a great school overall. Like other colleges it has its good professors, its not so good professors, and its lousy professors. One thing in AMU's favor -- if you report a professor, they take a hard look at the complaint. If you are looking ...

APUS BA in Military History
September 3, 2014
Finished my undergraduate degree in Military History with a concentration in Early European Studies. All in all I feel this was an excellent school with excellent professors. APUS provides a good education at a reasonable price and I have absolutely no regrets of attending this university. Just a point of clarification, I did not use this institutions financial aid department as I was able to pay for my degree with the GI Bill.

AMU will hold you Accountable
October 9, 2013
I transferred to AMU from Grantham University in 2011 for two reasons. First, AMU, being a partner with APUS holds a regional accreditation. Grantham University only holds a National Accreditation. Second, AMU offers a degree program that was very specific to what my career is centered on today. When I enrolled, I was given very detailed information up front about the enrollment process and the transfer credit process. Once that was completed, I only received ...

Be prepared to learn something at AMU
May 25, 2012
I will be graduating this summer with my degree in Military History. I have been attending AMU part time for around 3 years now. I chose AMU for three main reasons: #1 because at the time they were the only school that offered a Military History specific degree that was #2 cheaper than my local university and #3 offered a flexible schedule for working adults. I have overall been very happy with the program, although ...

Okay School
September 21, 2011
I have been attending AMU for around 3 years. I am 37 credits away from finishing my degree. It is an online institution. The price tag for a 3 hr class is 750 dollars, so there may be a cheaper bargin. The classes are good. Most history classes consist of 2 to 3 papers, discussions boards, and several readings. There does not seem to be a standard across the university, as some classes are fairly ...

Perfect for Military, Great for all Others
July 20, 2010
I am about to complete my BA in Military History. I have to say, for the military people who transfer in, you will get a substantial amount of transfer credit. I recieved 33 hours for just military experience. This may vary depending on your job, but you will get something none-the-less. Potentially, you can save yourself an entire year of school(about $7,500). Most of the teachers are amazing. Some have little quirks that can get ...

American Military U. review
January 5, 2010
Various AMU reviewers on this site have an unrealistic view of what a college education is for. They seem to think that the reason you go to college is "to get a job." In a way, this is not the reviewers' fault as AMU and indeed most colleges and universities actively promote this idea. While it is undoubtedly true that having a BA, an MA and even a PhD is a path to getting a ...

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