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August 30, 2017
Overall I am very satisfied with my degree. I've attended a traditional college before AMU and have found online learning to be more my style. Walking or running to class in sub zero temperatures is for the birds! Online is so flexible and convenient, I couldn't imagine going back to a classroom/lecture setting. Being able to choose when I want to focus on my material is great. Some parts of the day I am more ...

AMU finally helped me finish my degree!
April 10, 2016
I had been to three other leading online for profit universities and found them to be difficult administratively and hard to use TA or GI bill. Also the classes were not very interactive and they had not really polished the way async work was completed. At AMU i found it was by far the easiest administrative and financial process of any university i had been to. Literally a couple of clicks and a credit card ...

Good value priced school
March 7, 2016
I have to laugh at some of these reviews when people say you can just buy your degree from AMU. I'm in my 3rd year now with AMU and it's not getting any easier. Sure, I've had a couple easy classes that I didn't have to work real hard to get an A in but you get that at a traditional college as well. For the most part, my classes have been very challenging and ...

AMU-Online vs. Traditional
August 17, 2009
I have read the reviews of some of the people who say that AMU gives out degrees. That the classes are easy. That most students graduate with a 4.0. Well, those people have not done their research. Online studies are different than traditional class rooms. The mode and method of study is completely different. They both have value but I would say (my own opinion) that online course have more value. The reason is I ...

June 29, 2009
I am currently attending AMU persuing a BA in Human Resources Management. Overall, AMU is a very good school. It is convenient and I am able to log-in to my classrooms at anytime. Some 'online' classes requires the student to logg on during a specified time/date, but AMU is all at your own time. It is really good. The only feedback I have is that I wish the school would actually mail a hardcopy of ...

May 29, 2009
I actually transferred to AMU from the University of Phoenix in Sept 2008. My experience has been different from UOP. First, I must admit that at UOP I never read my books I just read enough to complete the assignments. There were discussion questions, shorts papers, and power point presentations and that was it. I passed every class with an A, which was about 16 classes. Now imagine passing a class without reading and completely ...

American Military University
April 8, 2009
I found the classes at AMU to be of a very high quality with degrees in many unusual fields. I have found my classes in Military History to be challenging. My Professors have been of a high quality which I did not find in the regular University I attended before. They had real life experience in the subjects they taught and seemed very interested in the subject matter. The one thing that I have had ...

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Jan. 14, 2011, 6:59 p.m.
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you have the best universty and i would wish to join you but the only thing i need is someone to surponser me
Feb. 8, 2010, 7:09 p.m.
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6 months in, and a 3.9 GPA with 24 credits acheived at AMU. All of the professors, except one, have been great.  Minus the one exception, instructors particpate, provide insighful feedback on your work, and facilitate group discussion on the subject material that is relevant to "working in the real world".  It isn't just a bunch of useless theory, but practical application of theory.

I have noted in the classes completed, a high drop out rate.  The first week is usually introducing yourself.  The board is barraged with posts.  By the end of the course, I have seen roughly a 50% wash out.  

All of the instructors (except my bad seed) have had office hours and help by phone, email, and instant chat.  

The only bad thing I have to say is that you need to register early and keep on top of your academic plan or you will wind up "dragging out" your program.  Specifically, I have been trying to register for March 1 classes since October.  All of my first choice classes have been booked solid, so I tried some second choice and still no luck.  I must say, my student advisor has been very responsive to the problem and is working as I write this review to eek me into classes.

My only suggestion is to register for your classes as far in advance as possible to avoid this problem.
Aug. 7, 2009, 4:15 p.m.
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I looked at all the on-line schools very closely before committing my limited financial resources to any educational program. 

What I liked was from the start was the complete disclosure of the program minus the high pressure sales pitch to get me into a financial obligation I couldn't afford to meet.  

Kaplan, Florida Tech, U of P, and a few others all played that high pressure game.  I have horror stories of emails containing conflicting information. I was "guaranteed" scholarship one by another school, however, when I researched the two scholarships programs mentioned.. the one was non-existent, the other had a residency requirement I did not meet. 

AMU has the facts on their website and every time I called leaving a message, I received a return call or email with links taking me to the exact information I was looking for.  

The cost for undergraduate can't be beat.  Even other low cost (per credit) schools had hidden fees that doubled the actual costs.  Some schools had issues with financial aid being used for books.    

As a student, I find it refreshing that I can explore the course and do the work required at my own pace.  I feel I lucked out because all the professors so far have been great.  You post the questions and email them, I always get a response.  

I have a heavy TDY schedule, and everyone works with me either by giving me assignments in advance to get the work complete before a mission, or to give me an extension without grade point deductions.  

In all my life, I have never been this excited about any educational program.
March 16, 2009, 6:02 p.m.
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It is interesting that a Capella student would post her comments on an American Public University System site.  Does she have the universities confused or not remember what university she is attending? is not affiliated with American Military University in any way.