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Child and Family Development-CFLE to Teacher
April 5, 2016
After attending a "brick and mortar" university for two years, a multitude of deployments and military moves interrupted my degree plans. As a spouse of a military member the difficulties that plague our lives are a bit more complicated due to the constant moves and spouses who are not always available. I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Family Development with a focus in Certified Family Life Education with AMU in 2012, during ...

How things changed after 30 years
April 5, 2016
After deciding to return to college to get my Bachelor's Degree in Child and Family Development, I realized how different online college was compared to going to classes on campus. I found that the classes were much harder, but more enjoyable. My biggest challenge was the Library; the most confusing thing at AMU. There must be an easier way to do research! The e-books also gave me a problem; they were harder to read than ...

Great Experience
June 29, 2015
I loved my experience with AMU. The professors worked with my work schedule and deployments. My only negative remark is that AMU went to digital textbooks, which caused issues for me since I am a hands on learned and I had to purchase paper copies of all my textbooks. I love that with AMU you don't have to pay for your textbooks, unless you are a hands on learner like me. It was a rewarding ...

An average school
July 23, 2014
I started this program because it offered an internship however, in the middle of my degree completion AMU gave no notice to it's child and family development students that they would no longer be offering the internship. Don't be fooled when they tell you, you can either take a 16 week course or an 8 week course. Very little courses are offered as a 16 week course. Before amu had a book grant offered for ...

Very IRATE right now!!
January 29, 2013
I've been attending AMU since 2007. I was withdrawn a couple months ago without notice. I was 9 classes away from graduating with a BA. Yes, I was very excited. Well, since they decided to withdraw me from the school because I didn't take a course within a year (personal issues) I had to reinstate. First off, I was very upset that they didn't give me some kind of warning that I was about to ...

Pretty Good
March 24, 2009
I only wish I had known about this school while I was active duty. I decided to leave a quick review since I noticed most of the commentary was on military, history or intelligence majors. All in all this is a great program especially if you want your CFLE or to move on to an alternative teacher certification program. The classes are very informative, teachers are excellent, and I never have a problem getting in ...

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