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Masters Program
August 10, 2016
After practicing for over 25 years as a professional Geologist I hesitantly returned to school and attempted the Master's program for Environmental Policy and Management. The on-line application was a challenge for me as I was brought up in the brick an mortar days. I still prefer in class old style, that being said, I received great support from the technical side of things as well as the overall learning process. The entire process was ...

The best decision I ever made!
October 14, 2015
When I was looking at going back to school for my Masters, my family had just received orders to move overseas. I was looking at a couple of different schools, but AMU was at the top of my list. I compared course content and cost, and AMU offered the everything I wanted in my degree at an amazing cost. I had no problem transferring courses from a previous Masters program and I had no problem ...

Very good program!
July 9, 2015
I graduated with my M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management in 2011. This is a outstanding program for anyone wanting to get into the environmental field. It was not easy by any means and the professors really challenged you to think out of the box. I also like the real world experience the professors brought to the classroom, it really gave you a sense of what you could expect in the environmental industry.

Solid Program
June 26, 2015
Background: Full time Employee, Single parent, Degree started: June 2013 Completed: Anticipated Oct 2015 I am completing my Master’s in Environmental Sciences. I have worked in the field for nearly 10 years and my only chance of advancement was with a degree, much like many other working adults. I have read the negative reviews of some of the other departments, and while I can’t speak similarly about the Environmental Science Department, I understand about continual ...

Good enough but room for improvement
November 8, 2013
I graduated with a Master's degree from AMU in 2013. I have undergraduate degrees from a Big Ten University and a MAC University and the level of academic challenge in 80% of the graduate courses I took at AMU was similar to upper level undergraduate / lower graduate (400 -500 level) at the other schools. The other 20% were of lower academic challenge, with texts and course work more suitable for lower level undergraduate courses. ...

Excellent Program - Environmental Management and Policy
January 22, 2013
Without any doubt a rewarding experience. I finished my Masters about 7 months ago. The instructors were very approachable and responsive. The books and courses were on point with what was required to complete the degree. The interaction between students was excellent due to the mandatory weekly posts in the bulleting boards. I started not knowing what to expect, but once I finished my first two couses I knew that I was on the right ...

Relevant classes with a relevant use of existing technology
October 5, 2012
I started with AMU in 2004, I completed my AA while stationed in Iraq. Upon leaving the service I completed my BS in Environmental Studies graduating with honors. I rejoined the Military for another term and during that time I completed most of my MS in Environmental Policy and Management with a concentration on Sustainability. Unlike other colleges that I have seen operate there is much more flexibility in the courses offered with AMU. You ...

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