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The Master of Arts in Intelligence Studies provides professional, graduate-level academic education in the interdisciplinary field of intelligence studies. The program's core courses impart substantive knowledge and analytic skills required by all professionals in the intelligence community. Students may also pursue concentrated study in functional areas, regional studies, or intelligence sub-fields. Student learning is greatly enhanced by the diversity of program professors with strong professional and academic backgrounds in intelligence studies, many who currently work in the US National Intelligence Community.

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Strategic Intelligence (Intelligence Studies)
August 10, 2016
I completed the Strategic Intelligence MA degree in 2009; the program has since been changed to Intelligence Studies. Previously, I completed a BA at a "brick and mortar" school," the Intelligence Studies Certificate Program (Masters level) at the National Intelligence University (DIA/Bolling AFB), and I'm on my second full Master's degree at another "brick and mortar." AMU was a great choice for what it is and I highly recommend it for any student who needs ...

Decent School but weigh your options
April 14, 2016
I had initially thought when i had began the MA program that it would be a challenge and that i would be learning new material but in reality i had just covered material from the BA program more in depth. What posses a large issue, is the professors where there are often instances of being a overly hard grader. You get what you put in,but buyer beware that the professors ultimately could have a good ...

Op Ed
October 28, 2015
I obtained My Masters and Baccalaureate degrees from AMU, and for the most part; I have learned a lot as a result of it. However, my experience had a few unacceptable compromises. I was a Chapter 33 Student. That is to say, that my expenses were funded by the Post 9-11 GI Bill. But somewhere in the processes of enrollment and completion the VA did not receive notices of completion from the school. All in ...

Horrid Experience
December 16, 2014
Military go somewhere else! -- I tried out this program because of how flexible I heard they were; not the case. I had TDY's and holidays come up and they either wouldn't give me an extension or did into another TDY/holiday. Wasted tons of effort and TA trying to figure out their system (its NOT user friendly) because a verbal from an instructor won't suffice. Further today I was notified I was disenrolled. Going back ...

Strong Program with Great Instructors
December 5, 2014
I received my B.A. at a traditional brick-and-mortar school. I received a diploma in nuclear power, courtesy of the USN. In this program, I got out what I put into it. I was largely responsible for my success, as well as what I took away from the program. The teachers were highly qualified, and the materials largely exceeded my expectations. When I studied, some courses still had a quantitative component, but the majority of the ...

Flexible and valuable for working professionals
December 5, 2014
Reading some of the other reviews, I would say that from my experience as an alumni some are correct, others are not. For Grad school, pedigree is often important, meaning that with AMU being a relatively new institution, there is no way for it to compete prestige-wise with universities that have been around since 1789 (e.g. Georgetown), but as the growing pool of graduates from this school move forward and achieve great things I think ...

You get out what you put in.
July 8, 2013
I found my experience at AMU to be similar to that in my B.S. program at a brick and mortar research university. As with traditional schools, your experience depends heavily on the quality of instruction. I had instructors at AMU who fell across a wide range, from excellence to blatant apathy. I would strongly advise you to ask other students of their experiences with courses/instructors before registering. There are some excellent professors at AMU who ...

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