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MA Military History - Challenging
August 10, 2016
In my experience I have found AMU to be both challenging and rigorous. It is challenging in that the professors have developed courses that make you think more deeply about the matter at hand than a cursory reading will give you. As a retired military member I thought I knew about the military and it's history. Since starting at AMU I have thought about things and wrestled with questions I knew had conceived of before. ...

Better than I could have asked for...
July 24, 2014
When I made the decision tor return to school for my Masters I knew two things. #1 With my schedule I would have to try and find a online program, and #2 I was wary of spending so much time and money on an online degree program. I did a lot of research and eventually ended up going with AMU. It was the best decision I made in my academic career. The program was one ...

APUS BA in Military History
July 3, 2014
I have almost completed my Bachelors degree with AMU in Military History with a concentration in Early European Studies. The school and the majority of my courses as well as the instructors have been outstanding. Some of the early general education courses were a bit easy, and on rare occasions I have attended a course with an instructor that I felt was not doing a great job. However, once I started taking history classes I ...

Very Happy So Far
February 26, 2014
I'm now over halfway through with my MA program in American Military History. I was a little skeptical of an online program, but no school near me had what I wanted. I have to say that I've been very pleasantly surprised. The graduate faculty has, so far, been top notch and I have enjoyed every class. I've been challenged, but my hard work has been rewarded and I think the program has already gone beyond ...

MA Military History
October 10, 2013
This degree was everything I needed and wanted in a graduate program. As a working adult I could not attend a "traditional" campus in AZ, AMU allowed me to achieve a life-long goal online. The staff was very supportive and the faculty I had were very knowledgeable and taught me a great deal from start to finish! I would highly recommend this institution to anyone looking to further a career or achieve a goal of ...

Average University (One of the better "for-profit institutions" but not respected In academia)
March 17, 2013
I completed a Master's degree here, and I have to be honest, it was pretty easy. My undergrad courses in History were harder than these courses. I don't know if I am a genius or just really savvy when it comes to BSing on assignments, but I didn't put much effort into this degree, and I still graduated with honors. I don't care about graduating with honors, if being challenged and actually taught research methods ...

AMU so far so good!!!
January 20, 2013
So far my experience in gaining a degree in Military History with a concentration Early European Studies has been excellent. Every once in awhile there is a technical glitch but it has always been resolved promptly when brought to the attention of the professor. Most of the time everything goes smoothly and so far it has been a pleasure. Another year to go and I can not wait to attain my degree. I would highly ...

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