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Accessible, useful and informative
May 24, 2017
Although I have never been able to obtain a job using my degree because of age and lack of experience in the field, I have found that my program has been helpful in different ways. I learned to do research, find sources, write better and in a more organized fashion, etc. Indeed, I am now published in multiple book review venues, working on magazine articles for publication and have topics in mind for future books ...

Review of masters in military history program
December 10, 2014
I just completed this program, electively taken after retiring from long career in a technical industry. As with most degree programs, I enjoyed some classes more than others. Most of my instructors were engaged in the program and their class, were knowledgeable, supportive and responsive to questions and needs. Given that this is an on-line school, I believe there is more pressure and personal responsibility with the student than in traditional teaching settings to complete ...

It's mostly in your hands
October 3, 2012
With no other graduate program to which to compare it, I would have to say that you should make of this what you will and can. Don't necessarily expect complete engagement by the instructors. Just like a brick and mortar school, some are better than others but, for the most part, they are good and will provide at least some guidance and assistance. My main complaint was a basic and overall lack of specific feedback ...

Mostless useless, but the ticket is punched
October 2, 2012
I can speak about graduate education as i have another masters from another school. I needed this degree to have my ticket punched for a job, and that's about all it did. I found some instructors to be "OK", others to be near incompetent. Many tach a zillion other sections at multiple online schools and can't give any real attention to the class. One admitted he did not have time to actually read all the ...

Don't expect to be coddled
January 17, 2010
I graduated from AMU in 2006 and I found it a wonderful experience. A word to the wise: "Don't go here if you need constant hand-holding!!!". The program I went through was rigorous and demanding. I DID NOT expect my teachers to walk me through the courses. This is mostly self-directed learning. You read, reflect and write. If you can't do this go to some other school. I worked by rear-end off for 3 1/2 ...

Skip this School
November 27, 2009
If you a serious about your education I would advise skipping this school. I am currently in the Masters Military History program and I will give you my experience. The Instructors are a joke, I question if they are truly qualified to teach anything. This school is obviously about making money and not about a quality education. I am currently looking for another school because I have yet to find a instructor at this school ...

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