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The online Education program is both challenging and comprehensive. The curriculum is good and the instructors are very competent.

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Argosy University - Ed.D. Instructional Leadership
May 1, 2014
Argosy University - Atlanta is a good school. I obtained a Doctorate in Education, Instructional Leadership at Argosy - Atlanta and it was, as with any course of study, largely up to me to the degree to which I recieved maximum value for my money, time and effort. I have seen many posts (a significant number of which are very poorly written and have spelling and grammatical errors... hmm... telling)that are negative and speak to ...

I am so glad...
October 28, 2012
I am so happy Argosy Atlanta is "sunsetting" the Education Department. This is something that should have happened years ago. I have recently earned my Doctorate degree from there but it was PURE HELL! Not to mention extremely expensive. I did not expect the program to be easily, I wanted a challenge. My problem was the inconsistency of the program and the attrition of the professors. During my final dissertation process I had five dissertation ...

November 14, 2011
The classes, both online and on campus (Sarasota, FL), were well prepared and facilitated. Professors were supportive; provided timely feedback with embedded comments within written assignments and email correspondence. Staff at the Argosy/Sarasota campus were extremely friendly and helpful. During the dissertation process, I found the library database to be extensive, and librarians were only a phone call away when I needed assistance. I travelled a great distance to attend my blended courses in Sarasota, ...

Instructional Leadership
December 2, 2010
I have recently graduated from Argosy/Sarasota with an Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership. The course material was demanding and relevant. Lecture notes provided outstanding information that was relevant to each course taken, and the information could be readily applied to work situations. The Argosy/Sarasota library was outstanding...especially with the support from "real live librarians." The Argosy/Sarasota online library included a wide array of journals and e-books which made research for my literature review and my comprehensive ...

Exceptional Opportunity
April 25, 2010
Argosy University provides an opportunity for the student to receive a rigorous education which can be personalized. There is a wonderful blend of full-time experienced professional professors and passionate adjunct practioners who are successfully engaged in the field. NCA Accredidation from the Higher Learning Commission assures a quality and respected degree. As a practicing high school principal, consultant and college professor, I can attribute continued success to the academic experience and the doctorate credentials from ...

Argosy Sarasota
October 6, 2008
Argosy Sarasota is the best online degree programs available for the degree fields offered. Just check out the 2007 Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac where it lists Argosy Sarasota as one of the top 300 research institutions offering a doctorate degree program out of more than 3000 research universities. I had a great experience at the Sarasota campus which requires more than 50% of course work to be completed in residency. The doctorate program is ...

Finding Balance
July 11, 2008
I looked into enrolling into Argosy. It looks like a very bad risk to me. There are soldiers who succeed in crawling through minefields and go on to win the Congressional Medal of Honor, but I don't recommend crawling through one just in hopes of getting one pinned on your chest. Online education is so new, it is caught in the larger tides of economic, social, political, and cultural forces, and it can't yet figure ...

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Nov. 28, 2010, 4:19 p.m.
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I spent over 60,000 on one MaED degree, and I continued...taking 6 more classes with Argosy after my Master's was awarded. I thought this education degree included an internship. I was promised that I could work in a school in my area, but as you probably guessed, it never materialized. 
I thought about returning (in a weak moment)to pursue School Counseling/ Psychology. I am seriously interested in this subject, and feel I would make a great therapist and/or counselor.  However, the"hard-sell" was in place to sell me on a Ph.D. in Education, which I DO NOT want. Nothing I said, the recruiter stated, showed I wanted to be in psychology (hmmm...I guess school & counselor were not this person's first guesses; maybe "work at a school as a counselor" wasn't enough either).  The first degree did not help me at all; it only put me more into debt, and the thought of yet another Education Degree that is going to get me turned away from more schools is sickening. 

Their psychology degrees are in question in Texas....I am staying far away from this diploma mill from now on.

Professors ARE well educated and very nice (at least in my campus in South Florida); however, very few of them are educated in Argosy (this is an indication of something very profound....obviously, they did not go to Argosy). 

Go to a state college or a university, you will save money in the long run, and have a better chance at a job.

Good luck.
June 30, 2010, 2:22 a.m.
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I had a great professor.  I was pursuing a Doctorate in Education.  The school is money greedy.  Adminstration, Student Support, and Financial Aid there is HORRIBLE.  The cost was terrible.  Be prepared to pay for your ARM and your LEG, without any assistance and guidance from financial aid.  I enrolled for one term at the Atlanta Campus
Dec. 25, 2008, 11:58 p.m.
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Argosy University online, Ed.D program is not good. is not affiliated with Argosy University in any way.