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November 13, 2012
Please DO NOT attend this school or program. I wish I would of listened when I heard the horrible reputation of this school. Of the radiology program, only one teacher actually showed that she cared about her students, the others did not care if you passed, failed or actually learned anything. These teachers do not have teaching degrees, therefore they have NO idea how to teach a class. They will just read sentence-for-sentence out of ...

Radiation Therapy
June 18, 2010
I attended the program in Eagan, MN; I found this program to be ill-equipped to teach it's students. There are 3 instructors of which only one was decent. The instructors frequently gave incorrect information which required the student to continuously prove their case for exams. Furthermore, one of my friends was blackballed for speaking her mind about the poor instructional quality. If one makes it through the didactic portion of the program the clinical rotations ...

poor choice
February 4, 2008
This school sucks. The amount of money you pay doesn't afford a quality education. The school doesn't support it's students one bit. I did get my degree from here and now I'm stuck looking for a job and being discounted because my transcript has Argosy on it. The instructors for the most part don't know how to teach and you spent most of you time doing independent study. I paid for a classroom education. When ...

Very disappointing, waste of money
January 30, 2008
Overpriced, staffing shortages, high staff turnover, poor staff qualifications. Big problems with clinical training. Many students complete classroom work only to find that Argosy does not have a clinical site for them and therefore it is not possible for the student to complete his/her degree. When I expressed my displeasure with regard to their shortage of clinical sites I actually had a staff member ask me why I wouldn't transfer to another school. Let's see...because ...

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