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Accounting courses designed to teach GAAP standards; Intermediate and Advanced Accounting are offered. Georgia State University accepts Ashford's accreditation.

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Ashford University's Online Degree Program
February 23, 2015
I and am new to the online degree program and college. I am 47 and had a very easy FAFSA process but right before my first course my computer was used to download a few undesirable programs. Long story short my computer was infected with terminal MALWARE and Trojans which equals a laptop that was trash and not salvageable. Course drop. I buy a new computer, purchase Microsoft Office again and I have everything downloaded ...

Current Accounting Student
February 9, 2013
I am currently double majoring in Accounting and Business Administration through Ashford. This school has been great. I have had 3 different Academic Advisors, but 2 changes were due to changing degrees. My current Advisor calls me regularly on a set up date and time. The classes are challenging and productive towards the class. The discussions however, not so much. As stated before, there are sometimes issues about commenting on someones post when there is ...

Overall Ashford experience from a graduate.
September 28, 2012
After reviewing other online education formats, Ashford seemed to be not the worst choice; however, there were issues with misinformation and the time it took for some to return phone calls or answer messages. They are awarded a 48 hour turn around for returning phone calls or messages, but that does not apply if it is a weekend or happens to occur on their allotted days off (which can turn easily into 4 days). When ...

Current accounting student
January 26, 2012
I have been a student at Ashford for over a year now, and have learned a lot. My academic and financial advisor contacts me at regular intervals, and my teachers have all been knowledgeable in their fields. I agree that sometimes there are students that do not seem to belong in the class, and am sure their grades reflect this, as in all schools. There is also an issue with Ashford specific books and materials ...

Current Accounting Student
August 15, 2011
I also have not had any of the issues that I seem to be reading a lot of. My advisor & financial aid person are the same, and she is very professional and accessible. The professors are very good; all of mine have been quick to answer questions and offer feedback. My only complaint is the majority of my classmates are not at a college level. I am in 300 level classes, and 3/4 of ...

Great school
July 14, 2011
I don't understand why all of these persons are having such a rough/difficult time with Ashford. I graduated Salutitorian from my High School, received an Associates at a local community college, attempted to receive a Bachelor's from our local university and could not work full-time and go to class at night. Most courses are scheduled for those non-workers. It would have taken me forever to do two classes a semester, etc. I began researching schools, ...

i recomend this Ashford University
September 12, 2010
I am getting my Bachelors of Arts in Sociology at Ashford University. I lThe instructors I love the online class.The instructors I have had have helped me so much. I agree with everything AU has to offer that i have got my sister, mother, and best friend all taking classes online with Ashford. I have not had any of the problems that some others say they have....I think they are all false.

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