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Great school!!!!
March 24, 2015
I am starting my last class at Ashford University. I think people forget it is also part of a brick and mortar school that has been in existence for many years(only the name changed). My aunt used to teach there when I was a little girl. Anyways, I like school. I found the classes engaging,interesting and sometimes difficult. This was not an easy degree,but I worked hard and did my work. You have homework every ...

Just like a traditional school
August 18, 2010
I just sat here and read all of these reviews. The people that are complaining obviously have never attended a traditional college. I have and quit (USC). A friend of mine stayed and completed his degree; he had a 2.9 GPA, would that be considered BUYING a degree? He obviously did nothing, he admits to learning NOTHING! College is designed to be self paced, professors give lectures that no one listens to and the student ...

Just getting started, so far so good....
June 12, 2010
So far my experience at Ashfird University has been a good one. I am almost finished with my first class, I started on 5/18/2010. Some of the reviews I have read make me glad I enrolled before reading them. Her is my opinion at the begining of my education with Ashford. My enrollment advisor was obviously working to get me enrolled quickly because her job depends on it. She was nice, she was "friendly", but ...

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