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New input on negitive reviews on Ashford Universty
November 11, 2012
After reading many of the negitive reviews on Ashford University, I would like to give some input into my own experience at this University. First of all, every credit in which I had from my previous institute of higher learning were transfered to Ashford University and excepted. Secondly, the curriculum for the Psychology, and Social and Criminal Justice BA are very competive and the oneline classes are comparable to that in which I took at ...

So far So awesome!
March 13, 2012
I am six classes into my degree online and I love it so far! Ashford is a very supportive and compassionate faculty. i have had some really good teachers. I use the mobile app on my phone and it is a major convenience. They have state of the art technology and offer many programs. Google the university it has been around since the early 1900s and has a traditional school with athletic teams and all. ...

No Education Required or Obtained
January 12, 2012
Like many of the comments here, this institution needs a solid review by the Board of Colleges. My first 3 social sciences classes were organized and resourced at about a 5th grade level. If you're hunting for a degree certificate and don't require an education, this is your school; and at around $250 per credit hour you're surely paying dearly for the certificate. A year after my disenrollment, a mysterious $350 fee appeared that prevented ...

November 17, 2010
I am in my 4th class at Ashford. In many ways it is a great school, however like any college it has its drawbacks. The biggest issue is that currently Ashford is in the process of redesigning many courses. As a result there is some confusion among the instructors. As they were not aware of changes. I am not sure why or how this occurs as the information on the redesign is all there. Once ...

Psych at Ashford
November 12, 2010
I have just completed my Bachelor's at Ashford and have really enjoyed this school. I researched many other colleges/universities online, and Ashford worked the best for me. One thing I really liked about it is that I was not put into any "groups"- for some assignments at other schools, they put you into groups and make everyone work together. This left me waiting until midnight sometimes for my other group members to post/email their work ...

Great place if you're not stupid
April 16, 2010
I hate seeing poor reviews for Ashford! I have been attending for my BA is psychology for a little over a year and I have a little less than a year to go. The materials and instruction is comparable to both of the physical schools I previously attended. The accelerated courses are a dream come true for those who want their degree sooner, or those who get bored easily. With every school there are problems ...

Great experience
February 16, 2010
They transferred all of my community college credits (78), so that really helped with money and time. I cannot think of any other way that I could have gotten my BA, without a huge investment in time, money and aggravation. Some profs were great, others were ok, just like any other college. I started in fall of 2008 and will be done this April, less than 2 classes to go. I can't wait. I may ...

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Dec. 21, 2009, 7:39 p.m.
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I am forty-eight years old and returning to school after all this time is not easy, but after finishing my fifth class here at Ashford, I am very pleased with the whole system and the instructors.  Remember, this is just like most things in life, you get back out of it exactly what you put in.
July 15, 2009, 11:35 p.m.
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I am currently attending Ashford University and I love the school, my instructors, and also my fellow students. I could not have chosen a better school. Our instructor's aren't just there to obtain a paycheck, they really care about our well being and they are there to provide the help that is needed. Please don't listen to the negative reviews because some people just cannot seem to get along in any environment, and in my opinion these are the people that keep a lot of drama going on, everywhere they go in life. These are the people who are never satisfied no matter what, so people please don't be discouraged, be encouraged. I love Ashford University!
Jan. 4, 2009, 10:47 p.m.
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This university has been a great adventure for me. It seems to me the people that have had the bad reviews are the people who have bounced around from school to school and/or could make it through the first week of class and don't want to pay for what they said they would pay when they signed up. As for the non-profit thing; who cares if it's not for profit or not. This is a company that offers a service and that service is providing you with an education without having to go to campus. Unlike alot of the online schools this is an accredited school with an actual campus. I love this school and can't would recommend this school to anyone who is really wanting to attend class not just try to blame their inablities on classwork on the school.. is not affiliated with Ashford University in any way.