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The Bachelor’s Degree in Intelligence Management is earned by satisfactory completion of an online program equivalent to two years of full time upper division study. The program introduces the student to the basic concepts of intelligence gathering and analysis. The student will begin to understand how intelligence manifests itself in many ways, requiring an astute and open mind to determine how to analyze and understand what and where intelligence can be found as well as how it can be used. This program also provides a basis for the student’s study at more advanced levels. All courses are four and a half credit hours unless otherwise noted. Program Objectives Graduates of this program will be able to: Display an understanding of the general workings of the intelligence industry both at home and abroad Draw upon a solid grounding in general strategy and the history of intelligence to inform current practices and methods Identify and compile information of intelligence value from open sources, distinguish factual information from misinformation or propaganda and treat it accordingly Conduct basic intelligence collection, threat assessments, and counterintelligence Understand and apply the tools of basic intelligence analysis Show a knowledge of clandestine and illicit economies and networks

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Beware of Anonymous Posts
May 2, 2016
I noted the most recent reviews are from anonymous reviewers; it appears their opinion is based on a personal issue and clearly not comprehensible. I am a current DSS student and have had nothing but a professional and demanding experience from HPU. College, especially distance learning, is not meant to be easy; HPU requires working for your degree, many times at your own pace. This takes dedication and drive. HPU is private and makes a ...

Top-Notch, Target-Centric School
October 1, 2013
I am a relatively new student at Henley-Putnam University (HPU). Having said that, many who read this review may stop there and skip my review of the school. However, if you are someone who - like me - is looking for a school to answer those deep desires to make a difference, then you will read this review. I entered HPU after an exhaustive search for a school that focused on exactly what I wanted ...

Solid Program and Instructors
August 31, 2009
I'm an intelligence community professional with more than 30 years experience. I'm in this course to organize knowledge I've accumulated over the years. My experience has been uniformly positive. The instructors are well experienced in their disciplines, current in their information, and always willing to engage the individual student to any degree necessary. Assignments are reasonably challenging and entirely manageable. Grading has provided plenty of useful feedback. This institution is everything that the previous online ...

Real World Applications
September 27, 2008
I've found Henley- Putnam to be an efficient, effective learning environment. Where a flexible staff nurtures and fosters creative and critical thinking from its students. Concepts and frameworks that are applicable in real world environments. What you learn you can use on the job!

Real World Learning
September 22, 2008
Having worked in the intelligence field for about 12 years now, I have found Henley Putnam to offer the greatest number and most applicable courses suited for real world experience and application. The instructors have not only revealed knowledge in the material, but also a caring for student comprehension and success. And I just can't say enough about how well the support staff at Henley Putnam look after the students. I for one couldn't be ...

As close to perfect...
September 9, 2008
This college has been a life saver for me! I am in the military and have moved around an average of once every 4-6 months since I've been in. Since I started at Henley-Putnam University, I have been able to work at a pace that better suits me and from remote locations where I normally wouldn't have the ability to access a decent education. I was skeptical when I began looking for online schools because ...

Intelligence Management
August 29, 2008
I Have been out of the University scene for sometime so it is very refreshing that I can actually do this. My experience to date has been nothing short of spectacular. I look forward to actually using my new knowledge in the Intelligence field. I should have done this years ago, thats my only regret at Henley-Putnam. To borrow a great quote from the Air National Guard, "Fuel your Future" because thats what we are ...

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Aug. 26, 2008, 3:37 p.m.
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Good evening:

My name is José Abreu, I am 38 years old, Portuguese, and I am a student at the Portuguese Military Academy in Lisbon, where I am getting a Masters Degree in Information Warfare and Competitive Intelligence. I would like to send you my Resume, for your information.

I also hold degrees in Management, International Relations and Informations & Security.

I am preparing my Master Thesis in Special Operations and Intelligence, specifically, Special  Operations in Counterinsurgency and the role of Intelligence.

However, Intelligence is in fact my deepest passion and its really the field in which I am striving to make full time Research or work, in the future. When I first thought about what could be a simple, straightforward, initial Project for the study of Intelligence, the following grid of approach came to my mind:


1) The concepts
What is intelligence?
- The Elements of Intelligence
- Def. Intelligence
- Domestic Intelligence
- Early Warning System e Target Approach
- The Role of the Media and Public Opinion and perception Management
Intelligence cycle
- Intelligence Production Cycle ( for which there are many versions)
Methods of collection
- Collection
- Open Source Collection
- Intelligence and the Information Age
- Analysis
- Intelligence Analysis and Production
- Analist/Case office AND Analist/Political Decision Maker
- Forecasting/Estimating/National Intelligence Estimate      
- Analist/Case office AND Analist/Political Decision Maker
Covert action
- Covert Action
- Psychology and Intelligence
2) The fields of application
Law enforcement
- Intelligence and Law Enforcement
- Organized Crime, Terrorism and Intelligence
- Economics and Intelligence
- Competitive Intelligence
- Intelligence in a MILITARY CONTEXT (connecting with EBO, ONA)
- Cryptography and CounterIntelligence
- Intelligence and TERRORISM
- Organized Crime, Terrorism and Intelligence
Another Approach would be to look at the evolution of the basic Intelligence Concepts, needed to tackle the following set of threats
 - Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism.
 - WMD
 - Transnational Organized Crime
 - CyberTerrorism

My greatest aspiration in life is to be able to produce Research and work in the field of Intelligence, which is indeed my deepest  passion.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Thank you very much for your attention.

José  Abreu.


Tel Mobile: 00 351 966216298
Tel Home: 00 351 212422997

Lisbon, Portugal is not affiliated with Henley-Putnam University in any way.