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The Master’s Degree in Intelligence Management is earned by satisfactory completion of an online program equivalent to a year and a half of full time post-graduate study. This program emphasizes professionalism, proactive strategies, and a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the broad field of intelligence. It provides for high-level development of skills in intelligence analysis, counterintelligence, collection management, and intelligence operations. All courses are four and a half credit hours courses unless otherwise noted. Program Objectives Graduates of this program will be able to: Manage a team of intelligence professionals from different disciplines Conduct operations that include clandestine or covert activities Display the ability to integrate different forms of digital information into an intelligence operation Present finished intelligence in a manner appropriate to the client, including hostile clients Understand and apply issues of policy, reform, and intelligence ethics

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November 3, 2009
Outstanding school, with outstanding faculty. I'm about half way through with my Master's Degree and I would not think about going anywhere else. The only thing I have to ding them on is the cost, but I still feel it is worth it. I would recommend them to anyone considering a field in intelligence or homeland security.

The best distance learning experience...period.
December 21, 2008
I've just completed my 4th course in the MS, Intel Management program and couldn't be more pleased. I'm active duty military and have attended both traditional universities and online schools. My enrollment at Henley-Putnam University has been an outstanding experience; better than any of the other online schools I have attended. For the first time since beginning distance education, I'm receiving REAL feedback on my assignments--and plenty of it--from experienced instructors who know what they're ...

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Dec. 28, 2012, 3:51 p.m.
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I will be graduating in May of 2013 and I would like information on starting my Masters right away.
Feb. 10, 2011, 6:09 p.m.
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can anyone attending the master's program please contact me, i would like to ask real feedback questions. I am thinking about enrolling, and I do appreciate your feedback in these pages, but it would mean a lot more if I could talk to any of you. Thank you!

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