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Liberty University is all about the money!
July 24, 2017
This school is all about the money. I was a little over halfway completing my Master of Arts in Executive Leadership. However, I will no longer stand in the ranks with hypocrites. Although I have a grade point average of 3.83, I dis-enrolled. This college forces a secular view wrapped in a false Christian wrapper. The material is completely outdated and extremely overpriced. I was an online student. Forget about staff and faculty being helpful. ...

Great School but you have to hold yourself accountable.
April 24, 2015
While my BS was from a brick and mortar, my MBA came from Liberty University Online. If your going to go to an online college you should hold yourself accountable for your grades, homework, tests and time management skills. I saw a lot of people leave during my time there because they 'forgot' to do homework or submit their financial aid in time. LUO was great about giving me notice on the financial end and ...

November 20, 2014
I started the MBA program July 2011 and graduated with an MAML Aug 2013, love economics, accounting though is not my thing. The course material was demanding, however mid 2012 - to Aug 2013 the level of study, assignments, quizzes, and papers tripled as did the standards for achieving grades. I actually enjoyed a more rigorous and demanding standard. In fact, it is impossible to attend this school and hold a demanding career. I hired ...

Thieves, thieves, thieves
September 20, 2014
If you are considering this school as an online education source, please turn and RUN away from this decision. I was 3 credits from my MBA at another school, and because I wanted my degree to come from a better school (so I thought), I transferred to Liberty, a school in the town my father lives with a wonderful presence and sterling reputation...yeah right. Don't get me wrong, my issue is not with the ...

Great Experience
June 29, 2014
I've enjoyed studying at the Helms School of Government, I'm currently studying online and haven't experienced any negativity. I will be officially graduating in December of this year and will begin Doctoral studies in the spring. School is what you make it.

Great program and military friendly.
May 6, 2013
Liberty University is not one of the top MBA's in the country - but that does not mean it isn't valuable. The education is solid and you will only succeed in the online program by completing the work and illustrating complete understanding of the material. I came from an extremely difficult undergraduate program that is top 10 in the nation overall as an institution. So, I am familiar with a challenging curriculum. I chose Liberty ...

They treat you like an adult!
May 2, 2013
Yes, they expect you to apply yourself and be responsible for yourself. It's Christian, get over it. They are very open about that, it's no secret. If that bothered you, then you did a poor job of researching where to get your degree from. Might be an early sign that you may not be able to complete your degree with such poor research abilities. Many negative posts I have read make me wonder if people ...

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