Online Computer Science Degrees And Artificial Intelligence – How This Is Becoming A Growing Field

There is no getting away from it, computing and computer science is a growing industry and when it comes to online computer science degrees, then one of the hottest topics to learn is in the field of artificial intelligence. AI as it is sometimes referred is defined by the study of intelligence agents. This is founded on the belief that human intelligence can be documented so precisely, that it can be recreated and reprogrammed exactly into a machine. What this means is that machines can in fact perceive their environment and from this take the appropriate calculated actions which will dramatically improve their chances of making a right decision.

The fact of the matter is that although artificial intelligence has been around for over forty years we are only just scratching the surface. So with this in mind, where are we headed in the future?

The US Defence Agency is trying to develop machinery with real cognitive capability. This means that in the future decisions involving the costly lives of troops in the field can be made using the rational computerized thought processes of machines, based purely upon chances of success.

Artificial intelligence computers can also be utilized to process thought into useful data, which can the be studied. There is a hope that this data can be used in a manner that will bring about the enhanced performances of personnel in dangerous jobs such as fire fighters, police and the military whose spur of the moment decisions could otherwise be critical. Critics of this would say that eventually machines will take away our ability to make decisions and even think. However scientists who are at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology will say that it will save lives. It is also said that AI will also be able to aid people with brain injuries and well as cognitive defects.

If you are truly interested in the field of computer science and particularly AI then there are a number of accredited online study courses available. Typically courses will take in such things as the principles and theory of computer science, engineering and cognitive psychology. There are over 90 online degree courses in the States alone and many more worldwide, so it really is an up and coming field.

Qualifications for completed online degrees can be a BCS (bachelor of computer science) or if you have already completed this you can take advanced degrees at doctoral level. This can take up to four years study.

It is believed that in the future every company will need the assistance of artificial intelligence machines which have the ability to work alongside human employees in the case of mundane or dangerous jobs and this is why this is an ever expanding field to get into with an exiting future. If you are thinking about getting into computer science, particularly the field of AI, then there is no better time than now. The future is most definitely bright.