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Web design students learn how to identify the needs of different clients and audiences, manage the many stages of a Web site project, effectively plan and present Web sites, and use design fundamentals and industry-standard technology to create professional Web sites.

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Total Waste of Money!
March 10, 2017
What a total waste of money. If I could give this NO STARS, I would have. I've been working in the print industry for 14 years but I need to learn how to code web pages in order to get a new job. Nobody hires just print artists anymore. You need web knowledge. And even though I have an AA degree from a different college, I was told I had to take all the preliminary ...

Online Learning Perfectly Done
February 17, 2017
I went to CMC & RRCC for my first degree and I learned fast I did not like the in classroom experience. There was not many job opportunities that worked around my class times. So when I decided to go back to school I researched online learning and Sessions was the first college to pop up. After studying and comparing this school to others I choice this one and am happy with my choice. Pricing ...

A lot of info, not alot of instructor guidance
October 27, 2014
I learned alot from the Professional Web Design program. Tons of info in a short amount of time. I was in the VRAP so it is definitely an accelerated program. In my opinion it would be more efficient if the methodology was kept down to one procedure. I found it difficult to retain the information. Not only because of the accelerated program, but I found the lessons to be too information intensive. I couldn't afford ...

Great Skills Learned, Little Student Interaction
September 17, 2014
Sessions has been great for me to learn Web Design. I feel challenged every week that I get a new assignment. The teachers provide really great feedback on the work you have done and give you the opportunity to implement that feedback and resubmit. You also get to see other students' work which really helps to see how others interpret the same assignment you did. It is amazing to see the different abilities that students ...

The Good and the Bad
January 4, 2014
The Good: self paced, no interaction with other students, no interaction with teacher unless one has questions, overall, the material is very good. The Bad: No one proof reads the material. An 6th graded could find typos and major issues in the material that this college seems to miss. I have taken 9 classes and every single one of them has had typos in almost every single lesson and exercise. Some of the typos are ...

current student in web design professional certificate program
July 28, 2013
For what it is, an online school, it is very good. I had attended another very well known media arts schools' online web development program in the past so I have something to compare it too, and I can say that Sessions is very good, much better than the other school I had attended, and much less expensive. As far as interaction with other students, I can honestly say that there is not much. Basically, ...

Photography program
April 7, 2013
The school does not provide a good photography program. Their program is filled with a lot of other non photography related fluff. Very little actual photography training

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