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The MS in biotechnology studies program seeks to provide a thorough grounding in management and policy issues unique to the biotechnology industry. Graduates of the program, regardless of their level of prior technical education, will have a greater grasp of the technologies currently in use in the biotechnology industry. They will understand the regulatory role of federal and state governmental agencies as well as international bodies and professional groups. They will also gain a deeper understanding of the "business of biotechnology," including financial, strategic, and human resource management in the industry. Finally, graduates of the MS in biotechnology studies will have increased knowledge of bioinformatics.

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UMUC better value than JHU
February 5, 2011
I live in maryland and was looking for a Bioinformatics program that could be done either in the evening or online since I have a full time job. There are two that I am aware of in the area John Hopkins and UMUC. JHU has a very good MS Bioinformatics program and UMUC has a MS in Biotech w/ Bioinformatics specialization. I choose to go to UMUC mainly because of price for instate being more ...

UMUC Biotechnology Studies
August 12, 2010
The program focused on a combination of business and technical issues that are unique to the biotechnology industry. The instructors require that students read the assigned course material and provide an analysis of what was studied or read in the WebTyco online format. Students received grades based upon class room participation, examinations provided and research papers submitted. Depending on the instructor, part of your grade depended on what your team members felt you contributed to ...

Biotechnology, focus: Security and Defense
July 23, 2010
I have had very good experiences with this graduate program. The professors are true professionals and many teach only part-time. A number of professors work for the private or federal sector and are therefore able to convey the most up-to-date trends in biotech to their students. The interface for the online courses is called webtycho and is a great tool overall. I am very satisfied with this university and the degree in particular.

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