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The Master of Science in management program focuses on theories and skills needed to lead and manage public, private, and nonprofit organizations. The program is designed for professionals who, as they assume increasing responsibility within their organizations, recognize the importance of expertise in a particular area with breadth of knowledge across key organizational processes.Important topics covered within core management areas include: the organization/environment relationship, acquisition and analysis of information, organizational communication, leadership and decision making, financial analysis and resource allocation, and strategy development and implementation. Each specialty area presents the theories and practices needed for the continuing development of individual expertise in an industry and/or professional field. Throughout the curriculum, major emphasis is on the effects of rapid technological and global changes on organizations and managerial processes and the consequent ethical and moral responsibilities of leaders and managers to society at large.Specialty tracks for the Master of Science in Management are:Accounting, Financial Management, Health Care Administration, Human Resource Management, Interdisciplinary Studies in Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Not-for-Profit Management, Procurement and Contract Management

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UMUC Project Management
July 22, 2013
Project Management. It’s a joke. Having a Doctorate degree does not equal qualification for being a professor. If you like, self-study this is the place. The curriculum looks like it is written on the back of a napkin. UMUC is in business to make money, that’s all. I expect more for my money. Those that can, do; those that can’t, teach; those that can’t teach, do it at UMUC…

Happy With Experience
November 11, 2012
You get out of it what you put into it in regards to how much you learn. In terms of getting a job I was concerned how it would look on a resume graduating from UMUC. However, I was hired as an adjunct instructor for a University less than one month after graduating (that was what I went to school for). I had to wait to start teaching because I didn't even have my official ...

Master of Science in Project Managment
July 29, 2012
University of Maryland University College is a pretty good school. I'm in an agreement that it is not Ivy league school. However, it's not a degree-mill. Student needs to do some additional research before selecting a course and Prof in every semester. I've seen here faculties ranging from outstanding to mediocre. This is sort of commuter school with quite a few long-distance campuses. I'm impressed with the course curriculum, when I compare with other reputed ...

UMUC not so bad!
April 22, 2012
Well the school is really not so bad if your a working adult. For me it has allowed me to take master level classes while still working full-time, being a mom, and wife. The down side is the caliber of your classmates. The group projects are horrible as many people stated, many of my classmates appeared to be more on a freshmen year undergraduate level than a masters degree level. I primarily had issues with ...

Respected University
December 27, 2010
If you're looking for an on-line "diploma mill" do not attend UMUC, the school will make you earn your diploma. This school offers top-notch programs and provides excellent instruction through easy to use forums. Those that said it was difficult to access classes were perhaps in their first classes, but after a couple classes it's easy. UMUC is a member of the University System of Maryland and the school takes that distinction seriously, so you ...

Don't go there if you are on FA
August 30, 2010
Do NOT attend UMUC if you are relying on FA! Although most colleges post aid disbursement dates on their Web pages that are easily accessible, UMUC acts as if it is some kind of state secret. The only thing you can find is, "Aid is disbursed approximately ten (10) days prior to the start of classes." What? 10 business days? 10 days? It is now 9 days-not business days- before the start of Fall semester ...

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June 9, 2011, 6:17 a.m.
0 votes/
This is regarding the nonchalant, don't give a darn attitudes of the reps at the UMUC financial aid call center.  I have received eight brief and incorrect answers to my inquiries via email.  I have received seven snarky and incorrect answers to my inquiries via telephone.  

I resorted to asking for a supervisor who gave me the same incorrect response as the representatives, and was no help at all.  The only reason I was given for why my aid did not disburse on time is that they are "backed up due to the holiday".  The holiday was ONE day.  There is no reason whatsoever why my aid should still be pending three weeks later except due to the negligence of the curt staff in the financial aid office.  

The reps have answered the telephone giggling, snickering, talking to each other, and otherwise behaving in a preoccupied manner.  I am very upset.  My goal was to drop the summer courses if my aid was not able to disburse on time.  Yet the financial aid office assured me eight times via email and seven via the telephone that it would disburse prior to the start date of my classes.  It is now two weeks into class, and no disbursements have been made.

I am frustrated and disappointed that UMUC has outsourced such an important function as financial aid to this incompetent company.  I am networked with thousands of service members who ask all the time for online college referrals or NOT's.  UMUC's lack of a better financial aid system has me leaning toward NOT.  I was told that Mountain State University utilizes a Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO) that is both efficient and courteous.

A Soon to be Former UMUC Student
March 3, 2010, 3:17 p.m.
+2 votes/
I finished the dual Masters program at UMUC with a 3.61 GPA:  MS in Management with a concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS) and MBA in 2008.  (My undergrad was at Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County; brick & mortar). My honest opinion is the school is great, decent supporting staff, and just like any school, you will get some professors who are better than others. You have the option of taking classes at 3 different campuses or online...I chose 100% online due to my busy schedule and it worked out perfectly for me.  WebTycho which is a Blackboard like online portal is pretty good; an area where the class meets virtually, post discussions and turn in assignments.  I only had one class in the MBA program, that the professor held weekly live Webinar discussions.  I felt this was great b/c students can ask questions, offer input, and participate online via chat or talk live.  This should be a requirement for all classes but that is up to the professor.  Keep in mind that online classes is not for everyone.  You have to be tech savvy and motivated to get assignments done each week and able to allocate time to participate in group discussions for projects.  The hardest thing I found is for everyone in the assigned project group to collaborate at a set time b/c we all work different jobs and some are active duty in the military.  Don't be fooled by online is just as much work and challenging as in class.  As for me, I'm an IT executive for a DOD agency and my experiences with UMUC is very positive. I recommend their dual master's program highly and advise new students to be prepared to work hard and learn a lot! is not affiliated with University of Maryland University College in any way.