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AA UoP Alumni, BS Psychology Student
March 27, 2015
I have read the negative reviews, and the positive reviews. All I have to say is that I am a proud Phoenix alumni and I am continuing with UoP for my Bachelor's degree. I love it at Phoenix and I am honestly considering moving in order to continue with Phoenix for my Masters and possibly Doctoral program. I have had to work to get the grades I have gotten, and trust me I have seen ...

Quality school but do research first
June 26, 2014
I did some research on University of Phoenix and from my general knowledge I enrolled into University Of Phoenix in March of this year. The enrollment process was smooth and was notified of my acceptance few weeks later. Got into my first course Gen/200 I feel that this course should not be required as part of my Psychology program in my opinion because it's simply a course that is mostly common sense for any college ...

Quid Pro Quo
April 28, 2014
I am just finishing up my Associate's in Psychology through the UoPx, preparing to transfer to a traditional university, not because I am dissatisfied, but because certain classes that I require are not possible online in any format. This school truly is about getting what you put in. I have met people who have pored over their studies, earn great marks, and moved on to great career paths. Some, like me, see UoPx as a ...

Loved my experience
June 21, 2013
I started towards my BA in elementary education in January 2009. In September 2010, I was in a severe auto accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), in a coma for a week, needed to be medi-vaced to San Diego to receive occupational, speech, and physical therapy. After I made a full recovery, I decided to change my program to obtain a BS in psychology. Since I did not have any prior ...

I think University of Phoenix is great!
April 29, 2013
I have read a few of these posts and can only give insight on my experience within the University of Phoenix. I graduate April 2014 with a BA in psychology and have been really enjoying my educational experience. Except for the couple of instructors I have ran into the others are very helpful, well educated, and take pride in their students academic accomplishments. With that said I have only ran into two instructors who basically ...

Review from a Satisfied Student
February 4, 2013
Hello. My name is Tabitha and I am currently enrolled at University of Phoenix Online (Axia College), working on my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I have been a student at University of Phoenix since 2010. I started by getting my Associate's in Human Services Management and when I completed that, I began my Bachelor's in Psychology. Since I started, my experience has been what that of any other school (on campus or online) would be. ...

Get what you give!
January 22, 2013
So I have read several different reviews and I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinions. That being said, you will only get what you deserve as a student. I will say that you will run into the occasional difficult instructor but what institution does not have that? The people that complain about everything this school is about only become dissatisfied because they choose to. The work is not easy and yes it is ...

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Nov. 29, 2012, 12:02 a.m.
-1 vote/
I have to say that I too was worried about this school being a rip off several times. However, I continued my research and found ppl that attended a credible college (even tho I found a cite that tells UoP is credible) and it is so similar to UoP. I also have a friend that attends a college and I asked her about my classes compared to hers and to my surprise they are the same classes. the only difference is I am doing them online and chat with ppl instead of doing the live chat in person. She is taking the same program as me too. So I have full confidence that UoP is not ripping ppl off. Every where you go you will have something negative toward someone or something. Research to find everything out and not just take someones word for it. It is a scary world out there, and you need to make sure you find proof of something before taking someones word for it. In psychology they stress how important research is and I agree. It is very important not just for Psychology! Good luck everyone!
April 4, 2012, 7:17 p.m.
+4 votes/
I had a great experience at the University of Phoenix.  The education system was just as high quality as a State University without all the hassle of budget cuts.  I got my bachelors in Psychology in half the time because UOP focuses strictly on education and not on wasting your time.  The only problem with UOP is that because it is a for profit school it accepts anyone.  In many cases, these students are not well prepared for a college education and then go around making negative comments because they aren't responsible enough to handle a college education.  On the other hand, if you are smart and you know what you are trying to achieve then UOP is a great choice.  

I am now in the middle of earning a Masters degree from USC and if the University of Phoenix is so bad then how did I get accepted into a top University's Graduate program with a UOP education?  It's important to understand that UOP gives everyone an opportunity to have an education but it's not going to be cheap, so make the most out of it and be responsible.
Oct. 17, 2011, 2:30 p.m.
+2 votes/
I do not understand where the negative comments are coming from either. I have had nothing but a positive experience here at Phoenix. Nine out of ten instructors have been absolutely splendid. Keep in mind these are not teachers they are instructors. Go back to high school if you want someone to walk you through everything. My counselors and advisors have been amazing. I have no complaints. I put in hard work and it pays off. I am currently holding a 3.91 GPA and I am proud of that. Good luck to all that join it takes initiative and hard work but it is well worth it. 
Sept. 26, 2011, 8:41 p.m.
+3 votes/
I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Psychology at UoP.  I completed my Associates degree there as well and I cannot understand why there is so much negativity about the school.  My experiences have been amazing.  All my counselors have been on top of everything for me, calling every single week to make sure I am doing okay.  The instructors I have had were great as well.  I think that if this is something you want to do then do it.  You are the one to be held accountable if you fail, not the teachers or administrators.  
May 23, 2011, 10:08 a.m.
+3 votes/
I attend UoP and have been more than please. I see exactly where the money goes and have no regrets. I had few teachers that I've questioned, but most teachers surprisingly exceeded my expectation. I had no problems with my teams as all it took was effective communication. Due to what the teachers teachings, what Ive gained from the readings, and the help I have gained from classmates. I came a long way and its been, even till now, a complete success. is not affiliated with University of Phoenix in any way.