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California Coast University - November 26, 2019
I enrolled in the Bachelor program for Criminal Justice utilizing my GI bill. The administrative staff and Veteran rep could not have been more helpful. I had zero problems with tuition, books, fees and credit that to their Vet representative. I was so impressed with the professors and the bachelor ...

Grand Canyon University - November 23, 2019
I think due to rolling enrolment and the online platform, it is easier for the university to accommodate and accept more learners. Many of the lower functioning students fizzle out in the first year or two and certainly by the dissertation phase. I have found the program to be great, ...

Liberty University - November 23, 2019
While attending for a bachelor's degree I was directed for verification by the "department of ed". When I called the school would never answer why I'd been selected several times in a row. Even I called the department of ed they had no idea what Liberty was talking about and ...

Grand Canyon University - November 23, 2019
In 2015, I enrolled in GCU to become a teacher. I was determined to gain as much information necessary to be the best teacher possible, but failed. In 2019, I completed my degree but learned that I was not taught what is needed to pass the Teacher Certification Test for ...

Grand Canyon University - November 22, 2019
As someone else already posted, I'm glad I didn't read the negative reviews before I began. The first two classes were all about learning how the online classes and resources work and were crazy easy so if I had stopped there I would have been disappointed. Since then the classes ...

Colorado Technical University - November 21, 2019
I don't like how nobody knows when your financially is coming they give you a dummy date that's on your award letter but it never comes on that day, you call the school nobody knows like you can't plan anything. On top on that they send your financial aid award ...