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Bachelor of Science in Psychology - July 11, 2015
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I graduated with a bachelor from Regent in 2015. I absolutely do not recommend Regent University. ACADEMICS: Academically Regent is a very rigorous school. I spent MANY hours on my school work. I learned a tremendous amount of information in the four years I spent at Regent. It is worth noting that Regent’s online classes are excellent. They are challenging and very well laid out. COST: Regent is not as expensive as most Christian schools. During the 2014-2015 school years tuition was $395 per credit hour, plus a $250 technology fee per semester. FROM A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE: Here is where I offer a very strong warning! There is too much deception in the modern church to let your guard down. Regent does not stand on solid biblical grounds. This school is full of New Age teachings and practices. Allow me to elaborate and clarify. If you watch CBN you will notice that Pat embraces all forms of false teachers. For example, Bill Johnson, who begun the School of Supernatural Ministries (which goes as far as trying to suck anointing from graves) out of Bethel California is a regular on the 700 club and even hosted a recent 7 day ablaze. I could spend all day giving examples in order to prove that this ministry lacks discernment. But, the point is that it should be of no surprise that the school embraces New Age thinking, such as psychology, contemplative prayer, soaking, meditation, and much more. Moreover, the school is far from welcoming of biblical discernment. At one point, I wrote a paper questioning whether the Toronto Blessing was a true revival. My paper was not well received. I received low marks and was chastised for my questioning. In a counseling class, I was taught the importance of using sweat lodges and other Pagan Native American practices in order to help Native Americans heal. Scripture and New Age Paganism oppose one another. In fact, Scripture and Regent teachings tend to oppose one another. I took several youth ministry classes; all the while I learned little about Scripture or teaching Scripture. On the contrary, I learned much about growing a large and fun youth group. The textbooks are all written by Doug Fields, who spent years as Rick Warren’s youth pastor. I am sickened that so many young people go to school to be a pastor or a youth pastor and learn nothing more than how to attract people, have fun, and make everyone feel accepted. Parents please encourage your young people to find a program more biblically based. Just today, a pastor friend told me a story of a young man, who was walking in solid biblical Truth. However, after majoring in youth ministry at Regent he lost his way. As we surround ourselves with error, our discernment is gradually broke down until we know longer know the difference between biblical truth and error. This is why blinders keep a large portion of the visible church from seeing error. Having a solid understanding of Scripture and living by what Scripture teaches is the only way to discern Truth from error.

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