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Overall, Great!

Applied Psychology Degree Online - June 19, 2012
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Overall, this is a great school, but only when a student has proper expectations. Firstly, there are NO professors, just facilitators. They are not so much there to teach, but rather to confirm that a student can demonstrate learned knowledge. Secondly, regardless of what online school someone attends there are always going to be many students that are mediocre at best. Some students just don't place a huge importance on school and do just enough to get their funding at get their grades. Typically, they will not last, and are simply left with a huge debt and no degree. Thirdly, despite the online programs they offer, this school has several locations throughout Denver, and is a real brick-and-mortar school. The school has deep spiritual roots and is apart of a large alliance of national university with stellar reputations. The tuition may seem high to some, but unlike the savory reputation and poor course materials for-profit universities have, it is quite substantial. Some of the test books lacked some extensive information, however, overall the learning materials are thought provoking. The college is designed for very strong, disciplined students, who are self guided. I have found that the facilitators can be good and bad, and that is a frustration, but I don't pay that any mind, and just continue learning and sending my assignments. It is a well-rounded traditional learning structure, but in an online accelerated format. For the person who said that they can't be part of the tradition college environment, perhaps this author should note that the purpose of CPS(Regis) is strictly designed for working adults and not for those that attend the traditional college. If that is the experience they want then go to a school that is open (there are countless in Denver Metro area)to both traditional semesters and hybrid classes. One "teacher" explained that she was accused of cheating. While I am sure there is considerably more to the story, keep in mind, any person who has attending five other higher institutes of learning is likely a questionable student to begin with. Problems are not with the school, purely the students who had unrealistic expectations.

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