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MS in Accounting - January 8, 2014
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I agree with other students that the books are insanely priced at this school. During my first term at the online school, I had ordered a book. After a week, when it did not arrive, it took several tries to call the bookstore and talk to someone. When I finally conversed with a bookstore employee I was told they didn't have the book I ordered and did not know when it would be in stock. This information would have been nice to know when I ordered the book, instead of during the first week of class. I do not and will never recommend this school for their Accounting Masters program. When I calculate the good teacher/bad teacher ratio, I have had 50% of good teachers, 50% of bad teachers. This university could care less if the student is unhappy about their teacher. The only resource a student has to voice problems with instructors are the academic advisers and I can tell you from experience, the academic advisers are too busy to deal with your problems and if you are lucky enough to be contacted by an adviser, they aren't interested in helping you or advising, they are more interested in telling you how wrong you are and how right they are. In other words, this school could care less if a student is having a problem and seeking ways to address that problem. Some of the online problems deal with an incomplete syllabus, missing items on the syllabus, teachers that do not grade homework in a timely manner, teachers who do not respond in a timely manner. I have gone weeks before my assignments were graded and 3 - 4 days before the instructor responded to an email. Online school is very different from physically attending college because it strongly depends on critical communication skills. When communication is not present, or muffled, as in the instructor cannot efficiently answer a question, it causes great stress on the student. This school evidently wants their students to be stressed because it refuses to do anything to alleviate the problems or find a solution. If you ever want to feel unloved, insignificant, ignored or tortured, this school may just be your answer. Other comments are their online library is just about as difficult as it gets. You will spend hours upon hours in frustration learning how to use it and retrieve materials. At least their library staff is very good at what they do and very helpful. Equally as positive is their IT staff. They are magnificent! Those are the only good points of attending their online classes. Also note that online students have to access three different websites to interact with this school which is equally frustrating. There is very little online instruction regarding how to use their three sites.

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