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Master of Business Administration/Health Care Management - February 10, 2008
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I graduated from UOP in 2005. This school is very structured and will keep you in busy work. I had a few really knowledgeable facilitators once I was in the specialized health care management courses. Before the HCM courses it was a living hell! The individual course work can be challenging but when compared to the team work it is easy. Teams at UOP had no accountability and the professors seemed (at the time) to do little when poor performance was reported. BUT, since then, my sister attends for her bachelors and has found that people who do not do their work disappear from the class. Apparently, UOP had enough complaints that team accountability is better. But, she is in the BSN program not, in the MBA business administration program. Although, we have had some of the same facilitators due to the health care overlap. TIP: If you enroll in UOP. There are "sections" you can request from your academic adviser. But, you will have to go through a few courses to find out who "works" best on teams. Then what you do is get with those folks and register together. This way you can get into the same courses thus removing the "team stress" factor.

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