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Never thought I'd be writing this

Master of Business Administration/Human Resources Management - June 19, 2010
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When UOP first came to my area in 2003, a friend at work told me about it. I began taking classes on campus while it was still under construction (was a different business previously). The classes were small as the school was new to the area. It was a new and different experience for me as I'd never taken an 4 hr long class ( once a week) and never worked on a team (met team once a week). I can honestly say I hated it. My team was horrible and I was bored to death. Like with any new thing, it takes time to get it just right. Well, after two classes, as a single mom I felt I'd have to stop attending. I spoke to my counselor and was introduced to online classes. It was a dream come true for me. Unfortunately, someone somehow messed up my paperwork and had me owing UOP funds for taking time off from class while transitioning to the online class (why wasn't I told). So, I paid them off after giving several department heads a piece of my mind for not explaining how this worked. After paying off UOP I began attending UOP Online and have yet to regret it. Yes, the classes are time consuming, and yes, you work in teams an sometimes you have slackers, but I've learned a lot and honestly don't see any differences than attending the community college or state college I attended before attending UOP. Without their online program, I would not have my Masters. I'd probably be just completing my Bachelors. Did I have problems with staff members? Yes, but I also had issues with the other two schools I attended where the staff members were rude and unprofessional. I've sent five people (friends and family) to UOP since I've started. Some have finished while others find it too hard. I love to read the online books for the knowledge and I read a post earlier that stated they didn't learn anything. I have to wonder did they do any reading or research to gain or access information. Nobody can make you. UOP has done wonders for this single mom and I wouldn't change it. Absolutely no regrets.

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