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Pettitioning Keller/DeVry
MBA - August 23, 2017
I received my B.S from DeVry with very few issues or concerns, as the degree was paid for in full by the G.I. Bill. I stayed with the institution for my Graduate education because I knew I would get some credits transferred. Unfortunately, I struggled in two online courses that I pretty much was forced to teach myself. Both were math courses. I waited until they were my final two courses required to graduate, and I needed to retake them. The Dean approved me retaking the courses. The week the classes began, headquarters sent me a dismissal email because my GPA fell below 3.0. They allow 3 retakes of every course. This is their policy in student handbook. They did not allow me, a pretty good and faithful student, to do all I could to succeed. Everyone learns different, especially when they have to teach themselves, and the school offers little to no tutoring in person. Allowing me my right to retake the courses just meant more money for them, and they still denied me after initially saying yes in writing. Well...I have a lawyer now! I was forced to go to another for-profit school to finish what I started, and they did not take most of my credits. I started my Grad degree from scratch. This is absurd! What would have been $50,000 in student loans became $100,000 plus interest. Still, I am two classes short of completing my Master's as we speak, but I have run out of financial aid. What a waste of life having to retake the same classes at another for-profit. Honestly, they're all rip-offs. Also, my Bachelor degree from these jokers impress absolutely no one. I am truly ashamed. Take heed! PETITION:

You get out what you put into it.
MBA - June 27, 2017
You get out of it what you put into it. I finished my MBA in 2010 (Human Resources and Organizational Development), and the experience was decent. For the record, I think I only took one class online, the rest were all classroom. instructors were for the most part pretty good, with a couple being really good. Keller is what it is, which is a for profit school. If you want to spend your $40k or $50k and buy an MBA, you certainly will be able to do so. For the most part, the course work requirements are on par with what I've experienced in community college level classes, and you will get passed through if you put in minimal effort. If you're really willing to go above and beyond what is required, and put in extra effort in the readings and assignments you will actually learn something. I was fortunate in that I had a number of working professionals in my classes with me, so classroom discussions tended to be pretty lively and enjoyable. Online threaded discussions were predictable, and many students only did the bare minimum (three) to get credit, but they got A's for that work. I know people who have tried to switch fields based on their Keller MBA and have been unsuccessful (you are going to find a large number of employers out there who will round-file resumes with "online degrees" if there isn't a significant amount of work history to go along with the paper) but if you have a good work history, and your MBA adds to that skillset in some way, it might work for you.

Good school with real world instructors
MBA - May 31, 2017
PROS: 1.) They utilize instructors that have time out in the field doing what they are teaching. An added value to this is that instructor may have specific experience in an area you have interest so you have access to his knowledge. 2.) They are partnering with businesses to employ their grads. Plus they have invested in career assistance. There were a number of career fares and seminars on campus while I was attending. 3.) They concentrate their degrees in fields that are in demand in the corporate world, meaning that their degrees offered by the consortium of schools are aimed at business, technology, nursing, etc. 4.) They are accredited. CONS: 1.) The for-profit stigma. They aim to make a profit but when you think about it what university can stay in service without making money to pay instructors and staff. Some of these state universities depend on state support, i.e. your tax dollars. 2.) Need to further develop their alumnus network. They should offer students and alumnus investment opportunities (other than just degrees). 3.) They are a little bit pricey.

Could be Better
MBA - October 24, 2016
Keller is a decent school but if I had had the choice, I would have gone to a state university. I recently graduated with my MBA and was a little disappointed when I got an e-mail letting me know I had additional funds available that would only be dispersed with my written consent since I had graduated. What the e-mail did not tell me is that the funds also covered tuition for my last several classes. The end result is I declined the tuition only to get a phone call that I owed over a grand to Keller. Funny how they send me e-mails when I have funds coming to me but call when I owe them money. To say the e-mail was misleading is an understatement. The instructors for the most part know their stuff and either work or have worked in the fields they teach. I did have one instructor that was horrendous, though, that really made me evaluate if I wanted to continue pursuing my degree through Keller. I ultimately chose to continue, but in hindsight I really wish I had demanded to retake the course. Fortunately, Keller gives each student the ability to evaluate the professor at the end of the course. Some professors that teach on campus will give the students time in class to complete the survey, but my advice is to compete the survey AFTER the course itself is complete. There is nothing worse than giving an instructor a great score only to be disappointed before the end of the course. I have taken both campus courses and online courses and found that the campus courses are easier, as the instructors only test on what they have personally covered in class. Online tests and quizzes can be challenging since anything in the text can be testable.

MBA - July 22, 2016
Overall, I have to say that this school has been a great experience. I understand that the school is for-profit and has a negative stigma due having lower admission standards and high cost. I attend Keller both on campus and online, and I have to admit that the professors at this school know their stuff. DeVry/Keller hires professors who are not just teaching theory as their full-time job. Keller specifically searches for professors who are "currently" working in the fields that they teach utilizing extensive real world value and applications. On the flip side, if it weren't for my military education benefits, I would not attend this school only because it is very expensive and because of the for-profit stigma. However, if the cost is not as much of a concern, then I would recommend it. I would not recommend this school for someone directly out of high school. This school is designed to work around the schedules of busy, working-class adults.

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Perfect for Me
Project Management - January 28, 2016
I decided to go back to school to get my masters simply because I wanted to learn more. I already have my PMP and I wanted to make sure that I attended a school was accredited in the project management field. I looked around locally for schools in my state and none had graduate degrees in project management. Most do not have undergraduate degrees in project management either. They have classes in project management, but I don't need a class. The other thing that I like about Keller is that my online classes are really online. I have a coworker that attends a state school online but it's not really online. She has to take half day vacation to travel to where her school is located to take a test or spend $70 at a testing center. She has taken one teacher (twice) that doesn't really get the concept of online teaching because he gives long homework assignments after 5:00 that are due the next day - (basically no Syllabus for working adults that need to manage their time wisely). The lectures are set a specific time and not recorded for later use. Her tuition is cheaper, but by the time you add in all of the fees and the promise from the state government that college tuition costs will increase as they have done every single semester since she started, she will be paying the same as I what I pay at a set rate. She is also getting a graduate degree in a field that she really isn't working and doesn't plan to work in. The reason why I am saying this is because I see a lot of people talk about the cost at Keller, but they aren't taking into the account the whims of state governments controlling the costs. As well, I like having teachers that have worked outside of academia because as a working adult I can relate to them. I have learned a lot at Keller because I made an adult choice to go back to school for myself. I work hard on every paper (which there are lot of them due in every class) and presentation. I read my texts constantly and participate in the discussions. I have not been given anything. I work for it.

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Keller is a great School!!!
MBA - December 23, 2015
I am of the firm belief - what you get out of an education, is what you put into it. This goes for any college as long as it is regionally accredited which DeVry is. What makes the clock tick is the experience you bring to the table. Bottom line up front, Keller Graduate School of Management offers an awesome MBA program that is perfect for working adults in certain situations. In my situation, I was getting out of the military and was in the process of moving to a different state but wanted to attend most classes in person not exclusively on-line. With DeVry being nationwide for the most part, I was able to move in the middle of my program without losing any credits. To me, not retaking many of my classes was more important than saying I went to a State School- which I don’t condemn by no means but want to encourage those who are attending DeVry to stay in the fight and ignore the wet blankets who continue to bash a regionally accredited institution with a snobbish connotation. This MBA has opened my eyes tremendously as it pertains to business - by the way, it’s the same material used by other universities. Principles that are taught do not change – it’s the same principle coming from a DeVry, Keller Graduate School of Management Professor as it is coming from the professor at University of ???? It’s what you put in it – keep going and achieve your dreams!

Helathy Question
MBA - December 19, 2015
I have a healthy question. In you all's opinions, will a person's resume go in the shredder in most cases if they have an MBA for DeVry, Keller Graduate School of Management. As a student, I have learned a lot due to putting in the effort. In my mind, what you learned in theory aligned with a good work ethic is what is important to an employer. Since regional accrediting, which Devry has, is what is given to all top tier schools - I figured DeVry would be seen as a reputable institution. If not, could someone explain why? Just a healthy and honest question..........

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Not worth it after all
MBA - October 23, 2015
The company I worked for partnered with Keller in the form of a 10% discount on tuition. After completing my MBA in December of 2012, my position was eliminated in a downsizing in October of 2013 after 23 years of service. As of October 2015 I am still unemployed and I've had only 2 interviews for management positions during this time. Perhaps it is because I'm a 52 year old white male, I'm starting to feel like I don't fit into the diversity demographics that companies are looking for, along with a degree that seems to be of dubious value.

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This School Really Sucks!!!!
MBA - September 18, 2015
This school is a joke!!! They charge entirely too much for tuition (in and out of state), financial aid department really likes to screw around with people award packages but I see they make sure they get their money off top first and then loves to turn around to say, "sorry but you will not be getting a refund this semester due to the number of classes you are taking." What? I've been taking the same amount of classes with no issue. When they see you are about to get a large refund of your on freaking money they snatch it and come up with an excuse as to why you can't get. What a joke for a school. I will not be recommending this so called school to anyone that I know. I will actually do the opposite and recommend that they not ever attend followed by my long list of negative experiences.

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Old Comments

Oct. 9, 2010, 4:36 p.m.
+2 votes/
I have attended this school for a couple years now. I started with them back in March of 2007 with a Master in Information System Management degree plan. I did this degree 100% online. The shell associated with the online degree process is quite impressive, and very stable. I will say one thing about this online program, and any other online program, you get out of it what you put into it. I know people who went through this book without reading a single page of text, and only cracked the binding to take the open book tests. I, myself, did all of the reading, put extra effort into the assignments, and feel that the quality of education that I received was very good. 

I completed my first Master degree in June of 2010, and followed up with a MBA. This degree was done onsite (I work in IT, so MISM was easy, MBA was all new material). The onsite courses where, in my opinion, MUCH easier than the online courses. Having a professor simply tell you everything that was in the reading before you actually go back and read it makes understanding what you are reading much easier. 

The teaching staff can be hit and miss both onsite and online. I have had professors that merely go through the motions and collect their pay, and then I have had professors that are really in it to see a student succeed, and the pay is merely a nice bonus.

Their degree programs are all regionally accredited, so they transfer to any state university should you want to go any further. I am about to start my doctoral program in the spring, and had absolutely no problems with NCU accepting my degrees from Keller.

I will say one thing about their pricing... Wow... EXPENSIVE! Their course costs could be a bit cheaper, as they cost more than most state universities, but one must remember that they are a private university.
Feb. 24, 2010, 10:58 p.m.
0 votes/
I completed a graduate certificate program at the Keller Graduate school 1.5 years ago (Gwinnett center, GA).
I still don't have my graduate certificate. The school just ignores me. The staff is very nice to you when you  are bringing the money. When you are done with that part they don't care about you anymore.
Dec. 31, 2012, 11:04 p.m.
+1 vote/
I have attended Keller for a while.  

My education experience at Keller Graduate School of Management has been mixed.  Some good and some bad.  
Some courses are very good and if you are willing you will learn a lot.  Other courses seem to be an extracurricular activity for the instructor(s). Some of my education experience at Keller Graduate School of Management were horrible!   

One of Keller's values is continuous improvement.  With the law of averages, expect to be the provider of on the job training for the instructor. 
July 5, 2012, 8:31 p.m.
0 votes/
Insanely expensive and inordinate number of classes required for an unranked and unrespected lower tier school. Makes no sense.
Sept. 14, 2011, 9:33 a.m.
+1 vote/
Student support needs to be improved. The school needs to support the graduate student, over the facility. Extra credit, policy needs to include extra credit. Student review survey should be after the student has received there grade, not after the 7th week. If you give a negative review of your instructor, it could affect your grade. Many campus administrators are weak and should be fired. The law firm of James Hoyer in Tampa is always interested in getting info about Devry University 813 286-4247.
Aug. 31, 2011, 5:50 a.m.
0 votes/
Keller is an excellent Graduate Level Business program. You cant be "given" a grade you definitely have to work for it. They utilized real world Instructors that are practicing their field. You also are not allowed to drop below a 3.0 gpa,you will get booted, I have seen it. There are no handouts at all academically. 

The support staff, well that is another issue, they could use some work with this. I would definitely advise anyone to stay on top of their financial obligations, know your academic requirements and stay on top of those areas. They are not very good when it comes to this but school is really that good in support services. Oh and dont depend on their Career Services to do anything other than push you into a non-related field or not help at all. Other than that I would recommend them.  
Feb. 13, 2011, 3:32 a.m.
+1 vote/
Do not take the on-line classes!!!!!!!!!!!!
the school's priority to make $$$ from you
your education and knowledge come last.
Jan. 21, 2011, 10:40 a.m.
+1 vote/
Do not go to Keller Graduate School of Management.
Do not go to Keller Graduate School of Management.
They are not with you every step of the way.
If you want to re-take a test due to ecollege or computer
problems, and you send in a student grade appeal form,
they will rule against you, they will rule against you.
They don't have your best interest, all they want is 
your, financial aid. Go to another graduate school. is not affiliated with Keller Graduate School in any way.