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You must be self-motivated for WGU
Western Governors University - December 20, 2017
The program was very educational, but I would advise anyone thinking about attending WGU to be highly self-motivated. There are not a lot of deadlines, so the student him or herself must be motivated to set goals and work to achieved them on schedule. If you like to put-work, go ...

SNHU was and is the best school for me
Southern New Hampshire University - December 18, 2017
I started SNHU in 2015 and I will graduate in 2019. I have been to other online universities and I can say that when it comes to having support and people being there for SNHU wins hands down. After my third semester I was not doing so well due to ...

Expense, takes some effort but you get a degree
DeVry University - December 17, 2017
I have read all the reviews and due to the negativity thought I'd give my 5 cents. I can agree that this school is in it for the money, but these days it is pretty much expected and the typical American greed. The course material in gen ed courses or ...

Excelsior College - December 17, 2017
I completed my course back in 2014. IT WAD NOT EASY. I failed CPNE the first time and passed the second barely though. I don't believe EC is out there to fail anybody however, their CPNE examiners were not nice people at all. Very biased. I thank God for the ...

Doctor of Public Health Specialization Epidemiology
Capella University - December 15, 2017
What a year Capella Ambassadors, Let’s Go Out With A BANG, & In With A Plan!! We, have witness a year of ups and down’s. I myself went through the loss of a mother and middle sister. The loss of many lives, due to forest fires, schools shootings, drive-by, Hurricanes, ...

unprofessional and they don't understand there own processes, scattered
Northern Arizona University - December 13, 2017
Staff is unhelpful and very unprofessional. Took 6 months for them yup review my application and transcripts... looking into other schools that are willing to help people achieve there goals not held them back

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