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Penn Foster - October 2, 2015
Don't waste your time. I'm at the end of semester 3 and I'm going to finish. But choice some place else, I wouldn't recommend this program. The instructors are horrible, the courses are ok.

Not what I thought it would be
American Public University - October 2, 2015
The discussion forum program is awful. Their level of communications from staff other than the class instructor is lacking. I wish I would have selected another college to complete my bachelors in. Be careful and research everything about the college before attending.

Good Experience Overall
American Military University - October 1, 2015
I took undergraduate courses. I already have a master degree. It was the first time I took classes on line. It was an adjustment. Overall, I have not been disappointed, and learned a lot. I had to find my way around of doing things, and my typing improved much. The ...

Good Experience
American Public University - September 30, 2015
I enrolled with the University in 2009 but I didn't start classes until 2010. I found the enrollment process to be simple and that the University Staff answered all questions promptly. I chose the Transportation and Logistics Management Bachelor's program because of my background with it in the Army. All ...

Penn Foster - September 29, 2015
is "school" is a joke. the site is always down and having technical difficultys. way too much reading material and no hands on experience. in my line of work hands on is the only way to learn. i was basically doing this just to get a degree. if you really ...

I really need a job!
Kaplan University - September 29, 2015
I recently started this class in June and after reading the reviews HOW can someone especially an online college LIE to so many people. I am spending my time and effort to be able to get a good paying job because I am 50000 in debt with student loans! I ...

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