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School Counseling Program of Study
American Public University - April 27, 2016
I was thoroughly challenged yet was very supported by all of my professors. For my Practicum and Internship the professors broke down the stigma of online learning by communicating with students frequently and making themselves available at all times of the day or night! I feel completely prepared to walk ...

Getting a job and fearing your diploma is not accepted!
Penn Foster - April 25, 2016
I finished my diploma last year, this is my second time graduation high school. I finished my 4 years in my native country but right after I finished I moved back to the states. Now the school closed down and there was no way to get a copy of my ...

University of Phoenix - April 25, 2016
So like all schools their are positives and negatives. But for this school the learning environment on the negative side far surpass the positives. My biggest issue is the inconsistency with classroom experience, you have classes that have fantastic teachers that provide you tutorials that actually teach you how to ...

Great University
Rushmore University - April 23, 2016
I completed my MBA in two years; the quality of the faculty is high and I never had such a support in the past on my University in Rotterdam (Holland)

You get what you work for, not what you pay for...
University of Phoenix - April 23, 2016
University of Phoenix is a business just like all schools. Of course the admission specialists are working to get you enrolled and get that money, but what you have to remember is that you are going to pay for your degree regardless of where you decide to pursue your degree. ...

Unique possibility to obtain Degree in Intelligence studies
American Public University - April 20, 2016
APUS gave me exactly what I need. APUS is one of many online universities which provide opportunity to obtain the Master Degree in Intelligence Studies and after one year of study I can confirm that it is the best option. It is very important that the school is accredited and ...

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