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The SNHU System Doesn't Support Student Ambition and Fails to Inspire Curiosity
Southern New Hampshire University - August 14, 2016
I am proud to admit that after two years as a student in SNHU's English Language and Literature program, I made the easy decision to transfer before it was too late. The academics are mediocre and appease the lowest common denominator; often, as an intellectually curious student, my thorough discussion ...

Great Institution and Educational Experience
American Military University - August 12, 2016
I had a great experience with my Political Science graduate program at AMU/APUS. As with any program you get what you put in, as well as whatever you make of it. This institution allows for you to learn a lot from there knowledgable and experienced instructor cadre, as well as ...

Great program
Seattle Pacific University - August 12, 2016
Great program! It has a high APA accredited Internship match rate. Students match everywhere - VAs, ivy league programs, teaching hospitals, etc. It is a nice small program where you get to know your cohort and profs really well. It really feels like you are a part of a family. ...

not good
University of Liverpool-Laureate Online Education - August 11, 2016
I worked for UoL online / KIT / Laureate. It is a scam. Sorry ... That's the truth. Who am I ... I worked as a admissions adviser (AKA salesperson ... monthly targets, commission based pay, in the Amsterdam office) ... I am now a PhD student at a real ...

Affordable and reputable program
American Public University - August 11, 2016
I completed my Master of Arts in Homeland Security in August 2015. This was my second degree from American Public University System (APUS) because of the accessibility and affordability, as well as the kinds and quality of courses that are offered. The quality of education, in my experience, was as ...

Criminal Justice Major
American Military University - August 11, 2016
I am currently within two months and a half months from finishing my BA in Criminal Justice from American Military University, apart of the American Public University System and I have truly enjoyed it. I started in the summer of 2010 to finish out my Associates Degree in the Air ...

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