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My Review
University of Phoenix - June 23, 2015
I cannot seem to understand how everyone hates UOPX so much. I didn't like my academic & financial advisers, however I just stuck with it. When my fourth class began, I needed to drop it. I called my financial adviser and told her I needed to drop the class along ...

CTU Online Review
Colorado Technical University - June 23, 2015
Hello, Im attending CTU, I have my ups and downs with this college. But coming from ITT-Tech well we can say i have had a lot of ups and downs. The reason i choosed this school was because it was like one of the only schools to accept my credits ...

worse decided made
South University Online - June 23, 2015
I was looking for college online cause determined to get my degree in nursing I was recommended by friend to college I had never hear of but since had started I heard nothing but great things still she got her degree and found it was a worthless document and waste ...

Good School, no problems here
Grantham University - June 23, 2015
I started my Bachelors of Management here back in 2011 and jumped ship when I was told by my TAP person that going to them was a mistake. I cannot say that I did and should have never left. I finished my BS at Kaplan University and for the most ...

Poor Customer Service
Arizona State University - June 22, 2015
I wish I could tell you about ASU’s on-line graduate classes but their career coaches from the beginning left a very poor first impression with me. You will find the career coaches follow a check list and treat you like a number, not a person. They are not able to ...

ECPI University - June 22, 2015
Those who are saying the credits are not transferable...they are. I graduated with a bachelor's and went to a local college across the country and I was able to transfer many of my classes. I went from Va to CT to Fl.......places where I continued my education and I had ...

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