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Absolutely no complaints
American Public University - October 30, 2014
My experience with AMU has always been very pleasant. The staff is incredibly helpful. The instructors are readily available and are willing to help in any way needed. I will be graduating soon and the advising staff described a clear picture for how the process of graduating and continuing my ...

Masters - Strategic Security & Personal Protection
Henley-Putnam University - October 30, 2014
As a Masters program candidate at Henley-Putnam I have had some excellent instructors who have the credentials to support this institution's accrediting. Each and everyone has been more than available for any clarifications. Not one of the faculty members hoard knowledge and share their profession enthusiastically. Anyone looking to further ...

Definitely Recommended
American Public University - October 29, 2014
I tried to add Environmental Science, but was unable to. I guess this is close enough. I have been extremely pleased with APUS. Since I was a transfer student, most of the general education and all of the general electives were already taken care of. The classes I have taken ...

Don't Do it!
American Public University - October 29, 2014
I was excited to attend AMU for my bachelors over 2 years ago. I loved that they offered 8 week courses. However, a year into the degree program, you were no longer allowed to choose your professor. Which is normally not a big deal, but the last 9 months or ...

Civil War Studies
American Public University - October 29, 2014
The AMU Masters of Military History Program was an afterthought. Having completed 18 hours (6 courses) in the Civil War Studies Certification Program, I made the decision to keep going. Why? Even though I have a BA in History and a Master of Divinity, I discovered that I really enjoy ...

Great Experiance
Grantham University - October 29, 2014
I have been going to Grantham for about 7 months now. Never had any issues with anything. Which from reaidng these commments seems I shouol dhave all kinds of issues. I have needed a refund from them for a transcript and got it in aboiut 4 days. No different then ...

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