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DNP Program
Grand Canyon University - September 10, 2016
I may be wrong about all of this but online educators seem to get meaner at you progress through the program at GCU, especially those in the Capstone courses (DNP 955, DNP 960, DNP 965). I am beginning to wonder if they really want us to even graduate since so ...

Aspen is an excellent college for the working student.
Aspen University - September 10, 2016
From Ken the recruiter who didn't pressure me and answered all of my questions very timely to my instructor Tammy who is understanding and helpful. Jenny is encouraging and supportive. Learning APA for writing papers has been my biggest challenge. My professor goes out of her way to help me. ...

Disappointing for the price
Athabasca University - September 7, 2016
For an online course this is nothing less than a travesty in design. Read a mediocre FREE textbook, do some random questions as two or three assignments, receive no feedback through all of this, write an exam. Rinse and repeat. If you're after learning, skip AU, buy a QUALITY textbook ...

All about perspective; IT WAS WORTH IT TO ME
Trident University International - September 6, 2016
Bottom Line: This is an accredited university; 100% online! If you need a degree to advance in your job and a degree from ANYBODY will do, then this is a school for you. If you need “Major University USA” on your transcript, then this is not the school for you. ...

My experience at NCU
Northcentral University - September 6, 2016
I just graduated from the EdD program. NCU was my first experience with a 100% online degree program. The foundational courses were great. The readings were current and to the point, assignments aligned with course objectives and instructors provided prompt and thoughtful feedback. At the dissertation level, working alone as ...

Credits not needed and scammed out of more money
New York Institute of Technology-Ellis College - September 4, 2016
This is a joke right?! How many of you had to take an extra math science, and english class after having entered the school with an Associates in Science and an Associates in Arts degree. The college made me take their Human Anatony and Business English courses among others to ...

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