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Good school to attend
Keller Graduate School - January 20, 2015
I have went to a brick and barter school and had my reservations. I have found Keller Graduate school of Management to be a good experience. During my time there I went to school on Campus and also online. I have found both to be a good experience. I liked ...

Unsure and starting to reconsider my decision
Walden University - January 20, 2015
I'm not going to write a bias or judgmental opinion because I haven't been there long enough to do so, however I am going to write about my experience thus far and I'm anonymous because I am currently a student and fear repercussions for my review. Here goes... Having transferred ...

Evaluators for task stream are a joke, this is not an education
Western Governors University - January 18, 2015
I just started the MSISA program, I am very sorry opi chose WGU as this is the most frustrating so called education I have ever paid for. the evaluators are never consistent, nor clear or provide any valuable feedback. The course instructor never has time to discuss . I feel ...

Exspensive, but not bed
Virginia College - January 16, 2015
I see a lot of the reviews below are negative, but they are also not recent. I enrolled with VCO (virginia college online) in the fall 2014 and so far its better than other schools I've been to. First of all, yes they are expensive. Overpriced? Not really. I haven't ...

No problems here.
Grantham University - January 16, 2015
I read all these horror stories and in the 5 years I have been going (2 Bachelor Degrees) to Grantham, I only had one major issue...and in all honestly it was my fault. Sure I had some issues with various teachers and such but never had unanswered replies or questions. ...

PennFoster RVT - Upsides are Worth it for me
Penn Foster - January 16, 2015
I'm almost done with my first semester in the PennFoster RVT program, so I know I can't say too much so far. UPSIDES: - I find the program extremely affordable. I don't have the time or money to go to a brick and mortar school. -I work full-time as a ...

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