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Athabasca University - December 9, 2018
I found their material so scattered and confusing throughout the program, and that in addition with professors who refuse to teach, I dont have much good to say. I feel like I'm getting my masters from google university instead of having anyone actually explain anything to me. In MN: NP ...

Liberty University - December 9, 2018
I am fairly new to Liberty University, but so far everything has been absolutely perfect! It is far better than I ever expected. I went into getting a higher education later in life and I figured it would just be a pain. To the contrary, I find it exciting with ...

Colorado Technical University - December 7, 2018
As a veteran focusing on completing a degree, CTU worked with me to review and apply credits for military experience and previous education. The cost has to be weighed with the reward. I was fortunate enough to have many decent instructors, but also had a few who were not really ...

American Public University - December 4, 2018
The library needs improvement immediately. Very difficult when searching for a particular ebook. Why should students have to continue using your email to register to different subscribers just to gain access to the material the students are paying for?

Grand Canyon University - December 3, 2018
I just started my pre-practicum for the Master of Science in Professional counseling. I will say that GCU as a whole has room for improvement. With technology there are bound to be technical difficulties. With that being said, I'd expect the professors to have the same level of empathy; however, ...

Walden University - December 3, 2018
I have read mixed reviews for several weeks before I finally decided to put in the work at Walden to decide for myself simply because I like the idea of finishing my degree at my own discretion, taking as little or as much time as I need. The tuition seemed ...