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Started out Good
National American University - November 18, 2014
The program was not bad what makes NAU a bad college is the fact that they offer services and really don't have the systems in place for processing. I don't regret attending NAU but one should have looked a bit farther.

Horrible just Horrible do not go here
Liberty University - November 18, 2014
This is a real bad college. In most class's teachers would tell me doing real good they would usually give me A's in the postings and B's on tests and teachers say I was passing, but in many class's I got D's in the end of the class because the ...

Horrible Service
Central Texas College - November 17, 2014
I have had the worst experience with Central Texas Community College employees. First off let me start by saying I am an Active Duty Soldier and I joined at 17 years old, starting college was a new process to me (Except for the few college classes I took my senior ...

BS in Health care Management
Century University - November 17, 2014
I graduated from Century university since July/2004 and look NGOs jobs but most not know this university finally i look my own job became self employed Now i applied scholarship from the university of Westminster, UK and the the scholarship committee confirmed that Century University does not appear on the ...

Great School
Ashworth College - November 17, 2014
I graduated from Ashworth College with an AAS and BS degree in Criminal Justice and is very proud. It takes hard work and determination. I will recommend Ashworth College to any one. Take a moment and think about this " Books" are included in your Tuition,. Keep up the good ...

Don't Attend This University
Liberty University - November 14, 2014
I just graduated from Liberty University online program. Financial aid was a nightmare every semester. I just received a balance of $500 on my account after my degree had already conferred 3 weeks before. They said they overpaid me on my financial aid. I understands mistakes are made but it ...

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