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Really Terrible
South University Online - February 16, 2015
I am a new student to south university. It seems like all of the reviews I have read are very disappointing. My wife currently goes to south getting a MA degree and I am working on a BA. She is in her last two classes and she loves it but ...

Avoid this so called university!!!!!!
Athabasca University - February 15, 2015
What a waste of money and time. This is the worse university I have ever had to pay money to and attend. I had to do a math course to finish my degree at another university and this was a very horrendous experience for me. I had to do two ...

Do Not Get Trapped Here.
American Public University - February 14, 2015
APU or APUS/AMU is not all it is set out to be. This is an online school that one can feel trapped in, especially the financial aid office. They have the worst means of communication any online school may have. It is pure hell just to get normal information from ...

I want to know how to start a class action lawsuit
Virginia College - February 13, 2015
I graduated from Virginia College in 2009 with an Associates Degree in Business Administration but what I didn't know was that the school was not accredited to transfer to another college or university. I filed for my taxes and they were taken because of this damn fake ass school. I ...

B.S. in Criminal Justice 2014
Colorado Technical University - February 12, 2015
I, Trevor S., graduated from Colorado Technical University Online on November 11, 2014. It took me four years from start to finish to get a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. My experience was so valuable that I decided to go for the MSCJ and I’m now in my third ...

Worth it to me
American InterContinental University - February 12, 2015
I finished my MBA from AIU in 11/2002... at about the time I began my Credit Risk career in Banking. 13 years later and making $130K+ annually; I'm not complaining. Now with that being said; I've always questioned the value of the education from AIU and have come to the ...

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