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Like anywhere has it quriks but good college
Ashworth College - May 20, 2016
I'm studying criminal justice and hopefully will have my degree soon. Ashworth is a good school if you read the directions and follow instruction well. I'm learning a lot and only issues I've had are with calling the school but that's it. I think aside from that everything is going ...

Academic advising provides pot assistance
Capella University - May 20, 2016
My experience with my program was fine...minor issues with timely feedback, but overall fine. The support or lack thereof that I received from academic advising was poor. After being enrolled in the wrong course I spent several weeks in 2 sections of the same course. Multiple conversation with 'my' advisor ...

Grand Canyon University - May 19, 2016
Would not reconmend! Much like the majority on here have previously said, this school is just in it for your money. I was originally instructed to apply for a grant and was approved up until my first class ended. Then they continously called asking for $800 to pay for my ...

Worked For Me
Ashworth College - May 17, 2016
Not a bad school. I took the business administration program and I am employed now. My course materials sometimes did take awhile to get to me but when you "study" at your own pace I guess this is a trade off. I did enjoy the study when you can aspect ...

Don't start if you want to finish
Boston University - May 14, 2016
I was quite happy with the program overall until I progressed to the dissertation phase where I learned that BU does not have the infrastructure in place for supervising the dissertations. They have accepted too many students and do not have the instructors to help them finish the degree. While ...

Very Good High School Program
Penn Foster - May 14, 2016
I signed up for this program in 2014 wanted to further my education. I signed up for high school with early college classes. In order to get your diploma you have to take a total of 100 exams. You have to write essays the whole nine yards. They don't just ...

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