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Not a sufficient education
DeVry University - April 16, 2014
I attended DeVry Institute of Technology from 1998-2001 and graduated with a 4.0 GPA with a degree in BSEET. First and foremost -- DeVry is a for-profit COMPANY so the term "university" should be used very lightly. The education I received was pathetic. They make the curriculum as easy as ...

MaED Degree
University of Phoenix - April 15, 2014
I attended the Teacher Education Program before the MaED degree. The masters program was a hybrid program, it included both online and in class sessions for all courses. I was impressed with the program and enjoyed the learning process. The materials were available online and could be accessed 24/7. I ...

Academic and Challenging
Liberty University - April 15, 2014
I have attended colleges as a residential student and now I am experiencing online college. I can say 110% that I am learning just as much OR MORE through my online education than I did as a traditional residential student. The professors are helpful and caring and the work is ...

Good Experience
Kaplan University - April 15, 2014
Hello, I agree with the people who left positive reviews. You HAVE to apply yourself in any online program or you will fail. If you fail, it is not Kaplan doing it to you, but you yourself. When I joined Kaplan University, I came in with an AAS in Criminal ...

Ashamed to say I attend UoP
University of Phoenix - April 15, 2014
I am in my last year of a 4 yr management degree. I have maintained A's throughout my time in U of P. I have to say, 1/3 of those courses I know very little about, another 1/3 I deserved a C grade. Not once do I feel I knew ...

Online seminars don't work
Kaplan University - April 15, 2014
I have been at Kaplan for over a year and the seminars used to work fine, but now gradually every week I am having more and more trouble logging into my seminar because the Kaplan website keeps crashing when to many people try to log in at the same time. ...

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