Why an Online Degree May Help You Land the Right Job

It’s no secret that a higher level of education directly corresponds to higher earnings. According to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, workers with Bachelor’s degrees make nearly twice as much as their counterparts with just a high school diploma, while those with Master’s degrees make over 20% more than Bachelor’s-educated workers, and, at the pinnacle, individuals with professional degrees make 35% more than their Master’s-educated colleagues.

As the report and corresponding graph below indicates, job placement is also dependent on education level with an average unemployment rate of 3.4% for people with Bachelor’s degrees or above versus an astounding 10.3% average for those without a Bachelor’s degree.

education pays: earning by degree type

Obviously, a higher level of education is a desirable commodity. The opportunity to attain quality degrees, though, has long been limited to the average working professional. For years, if the average person wanted a higher-level degree it meant hustling to a local community college after a full day of work to sit in on a three-hour lecture. Considering family and other responsibilities, such a commitment was an impossibility for many otherwise gifted professionals seeking career advancement.

Enter online education. Distance learning programs have completely flung open the door to higher education opportunities. Millions of people, without having to quit their jobs and sacrifice their indispensable salaries, have been able to attain valuable advanced degrees that not only provide real career advancement, but advanced knowledge in their field.

This is tremendous progress. Today’s professionals (no matter their industry) are able to improve their education levels—and their chance of landing a great job—without having to forgo their current career or personal responsibilities.

At Drexel University Online, they mold their online degree programs and online masters degree programs to each student’s needs, whether it be job placement or simply personal achievement. While earning a better degree is no panacea for a better job, studies certainly indicate that the higher degree a person has the better chance they will be able to find employment.

The technical online format is also beginning to indicate to potential employers that job seekers are well-versed in computer-based communication and operating through an online format in today’s increasingly complex and digitized business world.

By making such educational opportunities available through online, more and more working Americans will be able to work toward their goals professionally and personally.