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Accreditation: Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and Professional Design certificate programs are accredited by Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools.
Country: USA

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current student in web design professional certificate program
July 28, 2013
For what it is, an online school, it is very good. I had attended another very well known media arts schools' online web development program in the past so I have something to compare it too, and I can say that Sessions is very good, much better than the other school I had attended, and much less expensive. As far as interaction with other students, I can honestly say that there is not much. Basically, ... [Read more]

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This college is a rip-off and completely unprofessional.
April 28, 2013
I don't know where to begin. I am a service member and always had a positive experience with online schools up until I reached this school. I had five different people taking care of my admissions. It was so confusing and unprofessional. I completed 3 courses and they failed to notify the VA so I can receive my GI Bill benefits. When there was a suspension with TA, the VA counselor insisted I use my ... [Read more]

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Great Courses
April 3, 2013
I am currently pursuing an online degree in web design. I have to say I'm extremely impressed with my courses thus far. I was also in a competitive marketing working environment and realized that I needed to differentiate myself by gaining creative skills. I have a prior bachelor's degree in Business from one of the top universities in the country, and I know this might sound crazy but I'm learning faster and about more real ... [Read more]

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Very Satisfied!
March 27, 2013
I am currently pursuing the Marketing Design certificate with Sessions College. After graduating with a B.S. in Marketing from a 4-year university and being in the workforce for over two years, I’ve learned that the marketing/advertising industry is highly competitive. I considered pursuing a MBA in Marketing to gain a competitive advantage in the field; however, I didn’t see the value in spending $30K to do so. After doing some research, I came across the ... [Read more]

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The Good and the Bad
January 4, 2014
The Good: self paced, no interaction with other students, no interaction with teacher unless one has questions, overall, the material is very good. The Bad: No one proof reads the material. An 6th graded could find typos and major issues in the material that this college seems to miss. I have taken 9 classes and every single one of them has had typos in almost every single lesson and exercise. Some of the typos are ... [Read more]

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Misrepresented price of the program :(
December 9, 2013
I decided not to go with this school. The school counselor did not communicate with me how much money the program would cost. If my GI Bill did not come through promptly, they were going to take a lot of money out of my checking account. So, luckily, I did not sign the contract. In addition, they were trying to force me to work in cohort groups and I found out they're not even accredited ... [Read more]

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Photography program
April 7, 2013
The school does not provide a good photography program. Their program is filled with a lot of other non photography related fluff. Very little actual photography training [Read more]

Read all 16 Sessions College reviews...

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Oct. 25, 2012, 7:20 p.m.
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Sessions charged me even after I submitted my notice of cancellation, then breached their own contract when my refund was not tendered to me within 30 days.  I would stay away from this school as it is not run professionally, nor do they respond to your inquiry/requests in a timely manner. is not affiliated with Sessions College in any way.