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Accreditation: Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and Professional Design certificate programs are accredited by Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools.
Country: USA

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Sessions College Reviews:

I made the right choice, You should too
Graphic Design - March 3, 2017
I am currently enrolled at Sessions for the Graphic Design degree and let me tell you, it has been well worth the time, effort and money. The ease of online classes, the staff and administration, the course work...all of it has been great thus far. I was very skeptical about pursuing an art degree online but the way Sessions has everything laid out makes it work very well. The portal is easy to navigate and understand, the lectures are well described and lengthy, the teachers are easy to communicate with and if you happen to have a question they'll return your email in a very timely manor. I am so happy with my decision to join Sessions and continue reaching my goals. Oh, and the tuition is a lot cheaper than many other schools i looked into. you get A LOT for what you pay for with Sessions. The course work is challenging and really pushes you to be creative as well.

Highly Recommend
Graphic Design - February 21, 2017
Sessions College has opened up many opportunities for me. Without the school I would not be able to work full-time and be a mom. I'm happy to work at my own pace. The teachers promptly answer all my questions. How I look at it is, you get what you want out of the school. I would highly recommend attending Sessions College. I look forward to my future with all the added skills I've gained from Sessions.

Online Learning Perfectly Done
Web Design - February 17, 2017
I went to CMC & RRCC for my first degree and I learned fast I did not like the in classroom experience. There was not many job opportunities that worked around my class times. So when I decided to go back to school I researched online learning and Sessions was the first college to pop up. After studying and comparing this school to others I choice this one and am happy with my choice. Pricing is not bad and I still get a college experience with the time I can. It is accelerated learning. Meaning you go to school in the summer and do not get spring break and other holidays off. However, you get a nice break after a semester and then jump right back into it. Sessions gave me the time to learn what I wanted to and get the degree I wanted.

You will get out of it what you put in.
Graphic Design - November 16, 2015
I am currently working on my under graduate certificate in graphic design. Where I live, there's not many affordable options when it comes to an art degree, so I did some research. Sessions quickly started to pop up everywhere I looked, I found it to be strange since I have never heard of the college. After comparing all of the different schools and options that were open to me, Sessions was at the top of the list. All of the courses are very flexible and you have all of the material up front so you know what is going to be expected throughout the semester. The staff is great with any question or concerns that you might have responding in a prompt manner almost always, that being huge to me since I take classes online. I would without a doubt recommend Sessions College to anyone who is looking for a flexible online degree program.

AOS Degree in Graphic Design Thoughts
Graphic Design - November 10, 2015
Sessions College For Professional Design is that college that will provide both quality and quantity. The overall experience has been great, and the quality of course content is fantastic (detailed and thorough). Their course content is always being updated to remain relevant with software updates, and they are continuously adding new courses. There are not many schools that can provide this quality of education at a fair price like Sessions College, and this was one of the points that caught my attention when looking for an online school. The instructors are well experienced in their respected creative fields, and many have won awards both as designers and teachers. The learning environment is immersive, and we get to collaborate with many like-minded classmates both within our school platform, as well as on our social pages. This interactivity has lead to some great discussions and the entire program has been a gratifying experience. The instructors and staff all provide helpful feedback and guidance when needed, and they provide flexible scheduling that allows me to learn at my own pace. I can honestly say Sessions College has helped prepare me to be a successful multi-disciplined designer in this exciting field. I highly recommenced this school to anyone who is looking for an affordable quality education with flexible scheduling. If your looking to take that next step on your creative path, Sessions College is a great place to start.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
A lot of info, not alot of instructor guidance
Web Design - October 27, 2014
I learned alot from the Professional Web Design program. Tons of info in a short amount of time. I was in the VRAP so it is definitely an accelerated program. In my opinion it would be more efficient if the methodology was kept down to one procedure. I found it difficult to retain the information. Not only because of the accelerated program, but I found the lessons to be too information intensive. I couldn't afford Adobe and found great open source software that worked great and was easier to use. Adobe is just too redundant with so many ways of doing something, it's almost ludicrous. I found the majority of the instructors spent no time "correcting" lessons and exercises. In a class room environment assignments are returned with corrections and comments. Maybe even help completing a task. Not so with Sessions. I was on my own to find solutions with the comments limited to what was wrong. Nothing as to how to fix anything. Networking could definitely be greatly improved. I made no connections or contacts. I would have liked to have met other students. There is a Facebook page but participation is almost non-existent. I think networking should be highly promoted, maybe even required. I'm leaving with no contacts or possibilities for future work with fellow graduates.

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My Opinion
Graphic Design - September 24, 2014
I'm happy with Sessions, it's an online course and of course it is what you make of it. The courses are good, and the teachers (most of them anyway) are receptive to questions. There are a few that I had to e-mail a few times before getting a response a few days later, and a few that would respond almost immediately to any question I had. One teacher in particular was very helpful and was willing to help with any question. I think this is pretty common with any school. I made sure to inform the school of my opinions of the instructors because I'm not paying for someone else to half ass my education. It's what you make of it. The curriculum is good, it gives a nice foundation to build on. Although I think it's a bit pricey considering what I'm getting. Overall though, I would suggest this to anyone who is looking for a solid foundational education who isn't afraid to make some noise to get what they want. I have never had anyone be rude or non compliant, when asked I was helped, overall a good experience.

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Great Skills Learned, Little Student Interaction
Web Design - September 17, 2014
Sessions has been great for me to learn Web Design. I feel challenged every week that I get a new assignment. The teachers provide really great feedback on the work you have done and give you the opportunity to implement that feedback and resubmit. You also get to see other students' work which really helps to see how others interpret the same assignment you did. It is amazing to see the different abilities that students have. The schedule for the lectures and assignments is very regular, so you always know what to expect each week of the program. It does take some effort to fit everything in, but it doesn't really take as much time as you might think to fit it all in. If you love doing the work, it isn't really a chore anyway! I have found that the lack of community can be a little challenging at times. I would really like to connect more with my classmates. There isn't really a good forum to chat or connect with students or exchange ideas when you get stuck on assignments. There are discussions with other students, but they aren't very lively. You enter with a group of students, but you don't stay with that group of students all the way through. New people come in and others you know move on to other classes. I feel like I will leave this school experience with no comrades or network to work from when it comes to looking for jobs or comparing notes on how life after school is going. Overall, a lot of great skills can be gained at this school. I have a lot of positive things to say about the knowledge I have gained and I have seen a massive improvement in my skills. If you are looking for really strong student community, it isn't the best for that.

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Overall Positive
Graphic Design - September 10, 2014
As a certificate program student, I have been very pleased with my overall experience at Sessions College. Years ago, I was a successful marketing executive when I decided to leave the workplace and stay home to raise my family. I am so glad I did. However, with my children now in school full time, I wanted to update my skill set and have confidence reentering the creative job market. Sessions met that objective for me. It was imperative to me that I receive thorough instruction in the Adobe design software. Online tutorials were one option, but I found that by having access to my Sessions instructors allowed me to ask questions and get clarification easily. The deadlines helped me stay on track too. The courses are broken into 3 or 6 lessons. Each lesson has a lecture section and then an assignment section. At the end of both sections, I felt confident I was given the necessary information to tackle the exercise with success. I loved having the student gallery to browse through and see the quality work that was coming from fellow students. But my highest praise for Sessions College is for the fact that you can customize your certificate program to suit your evolving needs. For example, I enrolled as a Graphic Design concentration. Switched to Marketing Design and then later still, I realized I wanted to swap one of the marketing courses for a website software course instead. I felt I was able to get the most for my money. So overall, I recommend Sessions for anyone wanting to gain useful skills in the field of design.

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The Good and the Bad
Web Design - January 4, 2014
The Good: self paced, no interaction with other students, no interaction with teacher unless one has questions, overall, the material is very good. The Bad: No one proof reads the material. An 6th graded could find typos and major issues in the material that this college seems to miss. I have taken 9 classes and every single one of them has had typos in almost every single lesson and exercise. Some of the typos are syntax issues, some are major flaws/errors in the teaching. I have written comments on all these and they tell me they will correct them right away. The issue is that I shouldn't have to find errors that they missed. The JavaScript course is also severely lacking and I completed the entire class in 2 days. The assignments were a joke and the teaching was too. I have used what I learned a lot but the class was not worthy of 3 credits. The tuition for advanced certs is a joke and costs 2-3 times what the classes taken separately cost. Given that there is no difference in class work and no teacher interaction, I am not sure why an advanced cert costs so much and the school has not been able to answer this for me. All in all the school is great but I am very disappointed in the proof reading this college does given that the printed material is the only class material as there are no lectures or books to buy. One would think that given this is their only material for the class, they would review it with a fine tooth comb.

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Read all 25 reviews...

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Sessions charged me even after I submitted my notice of cancellation, then breached their own contract when my refund was not tendered to me within 30 days.  I would stay away from this school as it is not run professionally, nor do they respond to your inquiry/requests in a timely manner. is not affiliated with Sessions College in any way.