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Graphic design students learn how to develop solutions to design problems, create design mockups and present work to clients, design for different clients and audiences, control the fundamentals of design, use industry-standard software, and create professional print design projects.

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I made the right choice, You should too
March 3, 2017
I am currently enrolled at Sessions for the Graphic Design degree and let me tell you, it has been well worth the time, effort and money. The ease of online classes, the staff and administration, the course work...all of it has been great thus far. I was very skeptical about pursuing an art degree online but the way Sessions has everything laid out makes it work very well. The portal is easy to navigate and ...

You will get out of it what you put in.
November 16, 2015
I am currently working on my under graduate certificate in graphic design. Where I live, there's not many affordable options when it comes to an art degree, so I did some research. Sessions quickly started to pop up everywhere I looked, I found it to be strange since I have never heard of the college. After comparing all of the different schools and options that were open to me, Sessions was at the top of ...

AOS Degree in Graphic Design Thoughts
November 10, 2015
Sessions College For Professional Design is that college that will provide both quality and quantity. The overall experience has been great, and the quality of course content is fantastic (detailed and thorough). Their course content is always being updated to remain relevant with software updates, and they are continuously adding new courses. There are not many schools that can provide this quality of education at a fair price like Sessions College, and this was one ...

My Opinion
September 24, 2014
I'm happy with Sessions, it's an online course and of course it is what you make of it. The courses are good, and the teachers (most of them anyway) are receptive to questions. There are a few that I had to e-mail a few times before getting a response a few days later, and a few that would respond almost immediately to any question I had. One teacher in particular was very helpful and was ...

Overall Positive
September 10, 2014
As a certificate program student, I have been very pleased with my overall experience at Sessions College. Years ago, I was a successful marketing executive when I decided to leave the workplace and stay home to raise my family. I am so glad I did. However, with my children now in school full time, I wanted to update my skill set and have confidence reentering the creative job market. Sessions met that objective for me. ...

So much more then i expected!
March 11, 2013
I am a graduate of the certificate program and i loved it so much i went back for my associates degree. I am so pleased with the school and the way it is set up. I am able to communicate with my fellow class mates and discuss our projects, and they are incorporating group projects! I feel very confident with the lectures they give and i look forward to my assignments. The teachers give great ...

Perfect foundation for Design
March 8, 2013
I have recently finished a certification in graphic design with an emphasis on web and print production. It's an ideal program if you want flexibility and a self-starter/motivator school. The courses are developed by successful designers themselves, which is reassuring. The lessons are practical, real world scenarios almost every time. This is a perfect solution if you are wanting to be get into design or a freelancer because it is built around your initiative and ...

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