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ECPI University - November 9, 2019
The medical side of ECPI (Medical Careers Institute) is a joke. Not only this program was expensive but they really do not certify you in the areas that you really need to be certified for. It was the basic certifications and not even for the areas you really need (such ...

California InterContinental University - November 7, 2019
Dr. Barbara Lennard is an outstanding professor. She challenged me both academically and personally. Her insight, her attentive nature, and detailed feedback allowed me to grow and learn more than I thought was possible. Great job, Dr. Lennard.

Capella University - November 7, 2019
Capella University is not a school, it is a business, and they will seek to lure you in and trap you with hidden charges. I was halfway, HALFWAY, through a semester being paid for with student loans when Capella called me up saying I needed to pay $700 right then ...

Liberty University - November 7, 2019
As a current student in the Human Resource Management DBA program, I have had a very positive experience. I maintain a high GPA and receive frequent job recommendations from the career website and student advisors. I believe that the individual's dedication to the program is a major factor. In other ...

California Coast University - November 7, 2019
For the money, it is best distance learning program in the country. It is fully accredited by the US government and the the curriculum for thr MBA is the same they use at Ivy League schools. It is extremely challenging. You have work very hard and be self motivated. There ...

American Public University - November 6, 2019
Whoever is in charge of the Financial Aid Department needs to re-train the staff. There is a lot of miscomunication causing students to lose a semester or two.