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There are lots of websites that just list online degrees. But none help you decide which colleges are good or worth your time and money. In my own search for an online degree, I was frustrated by the lack of information, so I created this site where people can share their experiences.

Who runs this website?

I am a individual located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My background is in computers, software and web development. I built and operate this website in my spare time.

When did it start?

The site launched in July 2006, see the Press Release.

The site is still growing, but I think even a small number of quality reviews is very useful. My hope is that this site becomes the place for trusted online degree information.

Can I trust these reviews?

All reviews are approved by a human and steps have been taken to prevent fake reviews. The quality and trustworthiness of the reviews is what this site is about.

The site is independent and does not receive any direct financial support or incentives from any college. I believe it is fundamental for this site to remain unbiased.

Advertisements and Affiliate Links

It costs money to run a website. In the beginning I paid all the costs out of my own pocket. Recently I've decided to include a small number of advertisements (Google Ads) and relevant paid links to cover the operating costs. I've tried to keep them as unobtrusive as possible.

Although it is has become necessary to partially fund the site by ads and links, this will never influence the content of the website. Every program and college is treated the same. I believe it is fundamental principle to keep this site independent, trusted and free of any outside influences.

Is this website a business?

Yes, it is current run as a business. When it first started it was not, hence the .org in the name. But the website quickly became very popular and needed a lot more time, money and resources then I could provide for free. I made the difficult decision to switch to a business model so that it could grow. That way the valuable information could reach more people. I try to keep the advertisements on the website to a minimum, and they never influence the content or reviews in any way!

I agree that it's a bit confusing that the domain name still has the .org. Unfortunately, changing the name at this point would be the same as starting from scratch. So the name has to stay.