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Ashford University Reviews:

Very Satisfied after 6 classes

Public Relations/Marketing - June 9, 2009
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I came to this review site back in October of '08 when I first decided to finish my degree. I am 38 years old and had about 60 credits to transfer, plus credits from when I was in the Navy. I read all the reviews on here, asked lots of questions from the staff at Ashford, my brother who has BS from a brick and mortar school and then weighed my options. While going to a CC was an option for me, it would have been very hard as a single father who at the time was in the car business and working 50-60 hours a week. So I enrolled in Ashford. I have had a couple different academic advisers over the time and during one class, a professor was let go half way into it for allowing extra credit(which is against school rules it turns out). These have been my only two small issues, other then the usual stuff like Blackboard going down a couple times on me(which if its on a due date for work to be turned in, the Professor will let you have an extra day of course) IF you take the time to fill out your FAFSA and other paperwork as required, you will be fine. I had NO problems with my loans or transfer of credits, although they did take longer then I thought they should, but all was in there by second week of class. IF you need or want someone to hold your hand and baby you the whole way through enrollment and your schooling this may not be for you. Most students that I have come across are like myself and either in the field they wish to study for and more mature (over 30). Like any classroom or schooling environment, you will have one or two in your class that you know are bringing the bell curve down, but if YOU want to get an education and are motivated to learn, this is a great environment to do it in. There is a variety in the classroom situations unlike what some have said on here, but even in a brick and mortar situation you have the same tediousness in my opinion: do homework (discussion board), quizzes, reports and final papers. I have learned a lot in my classes here and already have applied them at my work and in my life. To sum it up, if you are motivated and want a good education and have the drive to succeed without being pampered or told what to do, this will be a great choice for you. But do some research into other programs, both online and brick and mortar (look at the reviews for you local CC and University and you will see not all love them either) as well and make you mind up. Remember that enrollment advisers are salespeople and will SELL you on the benefits of their particular schools program. As a fellow salesman, I can see through the BS and make up my own mind. DO the same for yourselves and you'll be happy with your decision!

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