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Charter Oak State College

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Information Systems Studies - August 2, 2010
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My issue would be the value of this degree. I have only taken one class and it was a fast short term eight week session. The class was ITE 101, I hardly did any work--logged in to take a quiz and a mid-term along with a final. I managed to get a 78.9% a C+. If I would have put an ouce of effort I am sure I would have received an A. Either this course was too easy or the classes are not very challenging. I will find out shortly next semester. My real issue is the value of this degree after. Will employers care that it was an online class? On top of that, it's a "concentration" degree. Not a B.S. degree that states my major. I am only hoping to transfer to a state college after to get my masters with the title of my local university on that degree. I am only attending this university due to employer funding. Does anyone own a degree from this college and hold a respected job/career as an outcome of this degree?

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