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Troy University-Main Campus

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Troy University-Main Campus Reviews:

Great Place to Get an Online Degree

Political Science - October 10, 2010
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The Troy eCampus is a great way to get your degree from a legitimate respected institution online. The classes are challenging, the teachers are real, published academics, and you'll have a degree that means something. I have experience at B&M tier 2 state institution, online for-profit, and Troy eCampus. Troy compares favorably with my experience at a B&M state school. The for-profit I attended was a regionally accredited school but was nowhere near the same league as Troy. What you won't find at Troy is the hand holding and hard sell techniques you'll find at for profit schools. Its really, really sad that so many other reviewers are turned off by this. I feel I am in the majority of college students who couldn't care less about the quality of the support staff or advisors. These are not services I will need more than a handful of times in my college career. If someone is going to be a college graduate they should be capable of setting up a proctored exam and reading degree requirements and financial aid forms. Whats important is to me is that I am getting a quality education from legitimate professors. This is not what I have found in other online programs. If you are someone who feels entitled to being babysat through your college career you should probably look at University of Phoenix or American Public University. If you want a legitimate degree that people aren't going to snicker at, try Troy.

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