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Western Governors University: B of Arts-Early Childhood Education

B.S. Sales and Sales Management - May 2, 2012
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I find WGU to be an exceptional online university. I am surprised by people's reviews that say there is little or lagging responses by teachers and mentors. I have had the opposite experience. When I have a question not only do I get a response but I usually get a response within the hour or sooner and the answer to my question is answered to the fullest extent (I have taken about 20 classes at WGU). I also see people are frustrated with the way TaskStream grades-the evaluators at TaskStream have a minimum of a Master's degree according to my mentor. Their standards are high, WGU standards are high that is why the school itself has so many agencies they are accredited through. If you are looking for a diploma mill this is not the place for you--it's actually pretty tough work. I got my associates degree through a state college that ranks in the top 200 in our country and I find WGU's work to be far tougher and far more informative than my previous college. I am thoroughly pleased with my experience...this school is not for those looking to be lazy or to get an easy degree--its for those who have the ability to work hard and be self disciplined. WGU absolutely gives you the skills to be successful in the career path you chose!

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