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Worst school ever

DBA Public Administration - June 29, 2011
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I enrolled in the DBA program and out of a 3 month course the first teacher I had didnt respond to me for 1 month then I had to fill out tons of requests to get a new teach who said everyone in the class was stupid and remedial. I carried a B thorughout the whole class until the final paper he didnt even grade the whole thing which brought my final grade down to a C-. Then the billing night mare began. First they said I owed $381.00 because they claimed I withdrew early then once that was fixed i didnt hear anything for 3 months until without notice they blinded billed my credit card with no notice. then when I brought it to their attention they said because my grade was a C- instead of a C i actually owed $1100.00 this school is a joke if you have complaints contact Keith Blanchard at the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Educaton

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