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Degree for allied health professionals

Bachelors of Health Science - March 18, 2009
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The BHSc program is great for allied health professionals who have two year applied degrees. It was the only program that counted the hours of my associate's degree in radiography as part of the total hours needed for their bachelor's degree. This saved me from having to go back and take another year of college. The program is good. Courses are delivered via WebCT, and most of the professors were good. There were two that were great and one that was less than great. The program involves a ton of writing. The first class for the program is a writing class, which covers how to write papers for the program. They are pretty picky over formal APA format. But be prepared to spend many hours a week writing and researching. If you are not a great writer, don't worry by the end of the program you will be. The program is 10 classes, 30 hours delivered over 12 week semesters. It is a general health care curriculum, covering topics such as health policy, ethics, and conflict resolution. I thought the program should have two concentrations options: health care management and health care education since most allied health professionals in the program are either in or moving into one of these two positions. I liked the curriculum but it is not real applicable to my job as a manager, which is my biggest complaint. The tuition is great. I paid $225 a credit hour which is very cheap. The college has a solid reputation in the health care world; they have a medical school, dental school, PA program, optometry program, and a good nursing school. Over all I recommend it to people like me who would like to be able to apply their two years of health care education to earn a bachelors degree.

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