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DBA is Useless and no AACSB anytime soon

Business Professional Management - October 21, 2008
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Sorry kids, NSU is not close to getting AACSB accreditation. They are not even close. Joining AACSB as a member is allowed to any institution and it does not mean you are any closer to accreditation. They are in pre-candidacy currently luring AACSB PhD graduates because the majority of their faculty are not AACSB qualified. I got my MBA degree there and it was a mistake. They take advantage of our ignorance because we do not know how academia works. I started the DBA there because I thought it had value - it doesn't (I got the advice from a faculty member at a "very large state university in Central north Florida). Look at the graduates of the DBA program. The vast majority are not employed as faculty in accredited b-schools. Just look at the names on the dissertations and then Google them. One thing is certain, I don't need anymore $30K lessons, thank you very much.

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