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Came Through Exceptionally Prepared!

Master in Education Degree - May 3, 2013
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The Regis M.Ed plus license program afforded me the opportunity to do field work in a wide variety of schools;exposing me to a variety of approaches, contributing, expanding and challenging my own philosophy. The approach was such that by the time I entered my practicum period, I knew exactly what type of environment I wanted, and why. I was prepared to take over the full responsibilities of a teacher. My continued investment in research and more progressive ideas were honored and appreciated by both my cooperating teachers and Regis. The research I invested in, not because I was asked to...but because I had the desire...helped me contribute to what became the first public Expeditionary school within DPS. I got everything I needed (plus some) from my time at Regis...but..I put in a lot! You could invest less of yourself, but I don't suspect you'd get as much out of the program.

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