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Ashford University is a wonderful school!
March 25, 2013
I have read all of the horror stories written here and on other misc websites. However, I am here to say that I am receiving a good quality education at Ashford and I will be graduating with my Associates degree in business in just over a month...a fact that I am very proud of, along with my family and close friends. I was forced out of a long standing position and had no luck finding ...

January 26, 2013
I honestly feel for those that had bad experiences with AU, but my experience has been GREAT so far. I find it hard to hear that people complained that the classes weren't challenging enough, or financial aid disputes, or even one complaint that their online faculty worked only part-time. The whole point of online school (at least in the beginning) was to help working people obtain their degrees. The classes are set up for those ...

December 20, 2012
This University tries to scam Military memebers after claiming to be "Military friendly". My husband was in the middle of taking a class when he was called to pre-deployment training. He submitted all of his paperwork in order to not have to pay back the course since he was serving his country. Months later we are getting threatening e-mails saying his account will be going to collections if not paid. After numerous e-mail and many ...

Don't listen to reviews with poor grammar/writing skills!
July 31, 2012
After reading many of the previous reviews, the negative ones are a joke! How credible is a review if the person writing it has no idea how to use a period, appropriately capitalize letters, spell, or use proper grammar (since it is an academic review, not a text message)! Not to mention, the many complaints based solely on finances. Apparently, if all a person has to complain about is how he/she dropped or failed a ...

Great and challenging
June 1, 2012
This is a great school. Don't listen to the nay sayers with the financial aid problems. I had no problem at all and the university was extremely nice and helpful. You have to be ready and take care of it yourself and fill out the FAFSA properly and in a timely manner. This could be part of their problem. My enrollment person helped me all the way and the financial aid department worked closely with ...

Liars Just Liars
May 12, 2012
They lied about how much was in my student funds then my tuition went up twice ina month. like wtf and then i was NOT able to transfer my credits. they lied from day one and stole my loan money

Enjoying my experiences
May 7, 2012
I am currently in my fifth class here at Ashford University. I keep reading all of these reviews about the financial department, and I think a lot of it is who is your financial adviser. I have not had a single problem with my finances, any questions I have had were all answered either the same day or the next day. I would send a quick e-mail out and would get a call in return. ...

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Dec. 26, 2011, 9:02 p.m.
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CORRUPT. Ashford told me my student loans were approved, let me take FOUR CLASSES, then told me the loans weren't approved and kicked me out until I repay the $4000 I now owe them. Shouldn't they have VERIFIED the money was coming in before letting me spend 5 months wasting my life? Of course they put me in withdraw/fail status and won't return my calls about my future with them after I pay off the debt. They were never straightforward about how to proceed to my bachelor's degree, and cut off contact with me once I had enrolled. DO NOT ENROLL IN THIS COLLEGE.
April 11, 2010, 5:18 p.m.
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I have experienced a high level of lack of ethics at Ashford University, Military Division.  Their MDS division that give briefs on bases or at other locations is completely unethical- everyone is scrounging around for a student.
Cut throat and unethical. I've never seen such a tolerance for treachery in their corporate HeadQuaters.  The schools are definitely for profit.  The listing with Non Profit YES is a mistake- it is so for profit that I wonder how Andrew Clark sleeps at night?
Dec. 11, 2009, 3:27 a.m.
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I am taking my sixth course at Ashford and couldn't be happier.  I work in the education industry and Ashford has all the things a good school has to offer - interesting instructors, a good curriculum, interesting courses, a caring staff, etc.  This is not my first online experience and I am very satisfied so far.

By the way, to the person that commented on the B.A. vs. the B.S. in Psychology, if you look at UCLA's website you will see that a B.A. in Psychology goes along with the M.A. and PhD programs.  The B.S. is in Psychobiology which would be more of the scientific aspect (the chemical part).  There is a difference between the two and the usefulness of each degree will depend on where the graduate intends on utilizing his/her degree.  Please check your facts before slamming an organization just because you aren't happy.  It is not right to influence others through wrong information.
Oct. 3, 2009, 3:23 a.m.
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I am attending my 3rd class at Ashford online, and it seems like a great school so far. The only things I have had problems with are: my financal aid advisor, he seems to be mildly brainless. Also, my boss is taking the same course I am at the local college online, and she is paying half the tuition I am. I'm not sure why that is, but I intend to find out, and if its just that the school is more expensive then I am going to transferr. I am also feeling weary about the AA program, I do not see how it is going to benefit me at all, and my only reason for going back to school is so that I can earn a better income.
Sept. 29, 2008, 5:41 a.m.
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Yet again guys some of these comments are verbatim from employee scripts for Ashford (like the 6-month leave of absence).  The AA may be accredited but won't get you anywhere on the job market.  Also, a BA in Psychology is essentially useless.  The field of psychology is a science, not an art.  Take a look at your state universities' sites, and you'll see that their psychology programs are all for BS degrees.

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