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Satisfied Graduate
April 11, 2012
I would like to start this off by saying I hope my review of Ashford University helps you make an informed decision. Don't not only take my word for it, sometimes you truly have to just try something to form your opinion, continuously reading reviews will only add to the confusion. With that being said, I must use this line that I read from another individual who wrote a review, "If you don't have the ...

Challenging coursework
January 24, 2012
I hear a lot of complaints but I must say I have been challenged. I am enrolled in the online Master Program at Ashford University. I consider myself a rigorous study student. I must say, there have been days when I have been studying and researching all day and part of the night. My GPA is a 4.0 and it has not come easy. Online studies require discipline. If you are not a motivated disciplined ...

Great Experience
November 8, 2011
Finishing up my Master in Public Administration in a few weeks. I've had a great experience. Like any online program, you have to be self-motivated and HONEST. If you do your own work and study hard, you will get a lot out of it. You'll also become a much better writer. I had about 15 hours of homework a week on average. It's a lot of work! Great setup and great program!

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