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July 14, 2015
I graduated and wanted to attend graduation for my Master Degree but due to lack of communication I never got to walk the stage. I completed it in 2 years actually ahead of schedule because I doubled up on classes once. The curriculum is great and you actually have a lot of work to do. I had several small papers due a week and there were no short cuts on doing them. After I graduated ...

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August 10, 2010
The Chair for this program was fired shortly after I enrolled, for abusive language to students. A new chair has not been hired (8 months later) the left hand and right hand don't know the other is doing. As you are in the program you find out important information after the fact. Nobody cares about students they care about dollars. Some of the instructors are good but others are horrible. You never know what you ...

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Jan. 30, 2012, 9:47 p.m.
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I was in the online program during 2010-2011 and the whole program is a farce. Instructors are only considered "facilitators" and the do the least amount of work possible to get paid. Shortly after my enrollment, 3 instructors were terminated for not attending their classes. I was given credit twice because instructors did not respond to posts or questions. 

To top it all off the advisers didn't really go to bat for you. I constantly had to call and find out what the status of things were. This is a hands off program and they were not interested in helping or guiding students is not affiliated with Argosy University in any way.