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Graduate Students Beware

Principal's Certification Program - March 17, 2016
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Drexel University Online is a rip off. After searching for an online program for a year. I finally stubble upon Drexel's Certification track programs. I thought this would be a great way to continue my education online while gaining accreditation from this university. Drexel found away to tarnish my academic career and my financial stability. After numerous attempts to contact my adviser. I finally got her on the phone only to be made aware that the grade that I had been calling and emailing about has now turned into an F. I am now fighting for my grade to be changed. During my last year with Drexel I was also not made aware that my students loans had not gone through after numerous conversations with Financial Aid. After finally catching up with my adviser I was told that I could not apply for graduation because there was some type of hold on my account. Upon farther investigation I found out that I did not receive funding for the last year of school and now I owe the school over $14,000 dollars. Stay away from this school. There is no guidance and if you are a busy professional that does not have time to set up and check your Drexel email you will learn to regret it. The cost of prestige is not worth your GPA or financial stability.

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