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Bachelor of Science in Business/Public Administration - July 30, 2008
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There are a lot of haters out there for the University of Phoenix. There are many rumors about online degrees period. All I can say is that I have just completed my program and had no issues being accepted into a highly respected graduate program. That is the proof for me that if you apply yourself and learn from your degree program, you will succeed. Pros - I loved the use of adobe formatted books that could be downloaded rather than waiting for a textbook in the mail. That was the selling point for me on this school. The curriculum is applicable to the real world. Some instructors have extensive experience and can assist with your future career and make recommendations or mentor. My writing skills improved dramatically during the time I completed my degree program. Cons - I do have to admit the school is expensive and you may find a more affordable solution. But the selling factors for me were the books and the 5 week classes. And, as with many schools, you will find the occasional lazy instructor or burned out instructor. Oh, and this is not the best PA degree out there, but I did not know that when I started. If you really, really want a PA degree the look for one that is NASPAA accredited. Overall - Good experience, gained useful insight, accepted into a prestigious grad school, but had to pay the price of tuition and time to do so. Your choice...

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